Progesterone Test in Gurgaon

Progesterone Test in Gurgaon

Looking to book a Progesterone Test in Gurgaon? Read below to know about progesterone.

Progesterone is a hormone produced in the ovaries which play an important role in pregnancy. It prepares the uterus for a fertilized egg as well as the breasts for milk. It also helps in regulating your periods. Women having trouble conceiving may require getting their progesterone levels tested. Women having trouble with irregular periods can also get this test done if recommended by the medical practitioner. Progesterone levels continually fluctuate through a menstrual cycle, starting out low at the beginning and increasing as the ovaries release the egg. During pregnancy as well, the level of progesterone keeps rising as it is required to support the fetus properly.

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About Progesterone Test

Why is the Progesterone Test done?

A Progesterone Test is usually ordered when a woman has difficulty getting pregnant. The test is conducted to check whether the patient is ovulating normally or not. It can then be used to discover the underlying problem and suggest required treatments.

The Progesterone Test is also done during the pregnancy to ensure that everything is going well. Throughout the pregnancy, progesterone levels rise significantly, going up to ten times higher than normal.

What does the Progesterone Test measure?

The Progesterone Test measures the amount of progesterone in the blood. This is then used to diagnose problems leading to infertility, improper ovulation, problem in getting pregnant, the reason for miscarriage, and monitor high-risk pregnancy and ectopic pregnancies

Various other reasons can also contribute to abnormally high or low progesterone levels, including ovarian cysts and even ovarian cancer. Therefore, the doctor may order additional results if they suspect any such issue.

Risk/side effects of Progesterone Test

The Progesterone Test is done through a blood test and does not have any significant risks or side effects. Generally, patients may feel dizzy, pain where the blood is drawn from, bruising at the site of needle puncture, and a hematoma. These side effects are common and usually resolve on their own.



Why should you choose's home collection services?

By choosing’s home collection services for the Progesterone Test, you opt for perfect precision tests and accurate results. hires a team of trained professionals who will reach you at a fixed time to conduct the test. also offers the best prices in progesterone tests and additional accompanying tests so everything can be done from one place. In addition, with, clients can customize testing packages so you can get all tests done at home and only pay for the ones you need at a time.

If your medical practitioner asks you to get a Progesterone Test, book your test with to get a hassle-free testing experience.



Are any special preparations required for this test?

The patient does not need to make any sort of preparations for this test.

When should I consult a doctor for this test?

Patients who have trouble conceiving or other pregnancy-related issues must consult the doctor.

Can this test be done at home?

Yes, this test is conducted through a simple blood draw and can easily be done at home. You just need to make sure that the person conducting the test comes from a trusted organization that is known for good services and accurate results.

Would the results of a home test be accurate?

The accuracy of results depends upon the skill of the sample collecting technician and those who test it later. There is no difference in results because of home collection.

 Interpreting a Progesterone Test Results

Interpreting a Progesterone Test Results

A higher-than-normal result can mean various things, not just a pregnancy. Other causes of increased progesterone levels are ovarian cysts, molar pregnancies, adrenal disorders, or ovarian cancer.

Lower levels than normal can indicate improper ovulation or possible infertility, miscarriage of the fetus, or ectopic pregnancy.

Your doctor may even order the test several times before forming a diagnosis because progesterone levels fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle.

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Steps to book Progesterone Test Home Collection in Gurgaon

Booking a Progesterone Test home collection in Gurgaon is simple; you just need to search Progesterone Test in Gurgaon at home and find all the facilities which provide a home sample collection service. You can even search Progesterone Test near me to find more relevant results for you. You can then compare different available options and select the one which is most suitable for you. In terms of time and costs After this, you can select a time and date and confirm your booking. Then you can also contact the technician who would be assigned for conducting your test. You can even set a time with the technician.

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