TB CBNAAT Test In Gurgaon

TB CBNAAT Test In Gurgaon

The Cartridge-Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test for tuberculosis or TB cbnaat test in Gurgaon is done to check the progress of the disease and whether the infection has become resistant to the drug used for its treatment. Patients who show clinically high symptoms of having contracted tuberculosis are often suggested to get the CBNAAT test done to understand the progress of the disease. Treatment is continued based on the results of the test.

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About TB CBNAAT Test

Why is the TB CBNAAT test done?

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This contagious disease affects the lungs of the infected person and can even spread to the brain or spinal cord if not treated early on. Since the bacterial infection spreads quickly, people who have been in contact with patients suspected of tuberculosis or have been in areas where the risk of contagion is high are often suggested to get a TB cbnaat test near me.

Symptoms associated with tuberculosis are:

  • Chest pain
  • Cough that lasts for more than 3 weeks
  • Coughing up blood
  • Constant fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Night sweats
  • Fever
  • Appetite loss

People who are infected with HIV are also routinely screened for tuberculosis infection, especially in regions where HIV infections are high.

What does the TB CBNAAT test measure?

The TB cbnaat test is used to measure the presence of tuberculosis causing bacteria. The test is done via collection of sputum and results are given within 2 hours of sample collection.

The purpose of this test is to check the DNA of the TB that has infected the person via a molecular assay. Tuberculosis can become resistant to the drugs used for treatment. This happens when the strain mutates within the host body. A TB cbnaat test is done to check for this mutation when patients show no sign of recovery after months of treatment. The TB cbnaat test is also suggested for people who can contract TB via an HIV infection. The test also indicated if rifampicin resistance has been developed by the bacteria.

Given that TB can be of two types—latent and active, the cbnaat test for tb price will be affected by the number of tests required for confirmation. The need to repeat tests will also affect the cbnaat tb test price.

Potential risks/side effects of the TB CBNAAT test

There are no potential risks or side effects associated with the sample collection for TB CNAAT. The TB cbnaat test is detected via sputum collection. Sputum is the thick mucus that lines the lungs. Often chronic illnesses like tuberculosis can cause patients to cough up sputum.

Sometimes people have to be tested via lymph nodes or drawing of the cerebrospinal fluid for further assessment. While both these methods do cause pain, an expert technician knows how to extract the required fluid without causing damage to tissues or causing much pain to the patient.



Why Choose Flebo.in’s Home Collection Service?

Flebo.in is one of the few diagnostic centers that offer the TB cbnaat test in Gurgaon. The company takes pride in providing fast and accurate results. They have complete transparency when it comes to details about their phlebotomist and technicians and also about the pricing of the tests.

When looking for a TB cbnaat test near me, check out the pricing offered by Flebo.in. visit their website to know more.



How long does the treatment for tuberculosis last?

When started early, the treatment for tuberculosis can last for at least 8 to 9 months with constant monitoring. People with HIV are required to be more careful about their condition.


Can the body defend itself against tuberculosis?

A healthy immune system can keep the tuberculosis bacteria at bay. Even if a person contracts the disease, the immune system will actively stop it from spreading.


Can latent tuberculosis bacteria become active?

If the body’s immune system stops working properly, latent TB can become active.

Interpreting the TB CBNAAT test results

Interpreting the TB CBNAAT test results

The TB cbnaat test provides two vital pieces of information—the presence of the tuberculosis bacteria and if the bacteria is resistant to the drug/antibiotics used for treatment. The CBNAAT test will either yield a positive report or a negative report.

If the reports are positive, then three scenarios are possible:

  • The bacteria will be sensitive to Rifampicin or Rif. This means that treatment via this drug or any other first line drugs is possible.
  • The bacteria will be resistant to the Rif. This will mean that the patient should be treated for TB that is drug-resistant. This would include testing for what type of drugs the resistance has developed for and treating with the one that makes the bacteria sensitive.
  • The test result will be unclear about the effects of Rif on the bacteria. This means repetition of the test is required unless a clear indication is received.

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Steps To Book TB CBNAAT Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

Getting the TB cbnaat test in Gurgaon from the comforts of one’s home is possible thanks to the internet. Searching for a TB cbnaat test near me will yield many results but choosing the best service requires keeping in mind some factors. Firstly, read the reviews and the positive remarks the company has received. Secondly, check the services and packages offered.

Not many diagnostic centers offer the TB cbnaat test in Gurgaon. The CBNAAT requires multiple variables like stable temperatures and electric supply. Hence, opting for a diagnostic center that meets the requirements is a must for effective testing and accurate result generation.

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