TB IGRA Test In Gurgaon

TB IGRA Test In Gurgaon

The Interferon Gamma Release Assay or IGRA test in Gurgaon is prescribed by doctors to check for the presence of tuberculosis pathogen in a patient. The test is part of the various tuberculosis screening and panel tests that help identify the presence of the tuberculosis bacteria. This test is also known as TB Platinum QuantiFERON and QuantiFERON®-TB Gold.

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About TB IGRA Test

Why is the TB IGRA Test done?

Tuberculosis is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. While the bacteria predominantly attacks the lungs, the progression of the infection and if medications are working or should be changed. People who have been to places that are considered to be high in tb infection or people who work closely with tuberculosis patients are generally requested to get a screening test done.

Being infected by TB is not the same as having the disease. People infected can just be carriers of the pathogen as their immune system keeps the pathogen under check. In cases where the immune system fails to control the bacteria, it becomes a disease.

When a person shows the following symptoms, the doctors order for a tb IGRA test:

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chest pain
  • Constant coughing
  • Sometimes blood or sputum is coughed up
What does the TB IGRA Test measure?

Once infected, the tuberculosis disease is of two types:

  1. Latent infection is when the person has the bacteria present in them but they are not contagious to others. They do not show symptoms and the bacteria pose no threats of becoming a full-fledged disease.
  2. Active infection or tuberculosis disease occurs when the immune system cannot fight the bacteria and antigens start circulating the body. This is when the person becomes sick and can spread tuberculosis to others. People suffering from immunodeficiency disorders are often requested to get a tuberculosis panel done to check if they have been infected with the disease.

The test for tuberculosis is done to understand if the person is merely infected or is actively suffering from the tuberculosis disease.


Potential risks/side effects associated with the TB IGRA Test

The test requires the patient to have their blood samples collected. The process of drawing blood might cause some side effects like feeling light-headed or seeing bruising around the area from where the needle punctured the skin. These are nominal risks and usually go away with enough rest and a proper diet. For the actual process, an experienced phlebotomist can draw blood without causing much pain to the patient.


Why Choose Flebo.in’s Home Collection Service?

Flebo.in takes its oath to place customers first very seriously. Their certified and vaccinated team of phlebotomists are punctual and have never been late to the collection spot. To further ensure accurate and timely report generation and delivery, the samples collected are dropped at the nearest lab. This is done by a guided peer-to-peer platform. The cold-chain logistics further ensures that the samples are not damaged due to heat.

Flebo.in provides reliable, secure, and accurate results and their home collection service is punctual and effortless. Visit their website to know more and book an erythropoietin test with ease.




What medications treat tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is treated with first line drugs like rifampin. It is only when they develop resistance to this do medications are changed after tests.


How long till a person gets better?

People suffering from tb are placed on a six months treatment course. While it can take longer, ideally six months is the time till tb is cured.


Can tuberculosis cause death?

When the infection spreads to the lungs or other vital organs, the pathogen destroys the cells and causes death to the person.

Interpreting the TB IGRA Test results

Interpreting the TB IGRA Test results

After the samples are collected, the result is generated within 24 to 48 hours. The tb IGRA test can provide three results:

  • Positive. This means that the person is actively suffering from tuberculosis disease and treatment should be immediately administered.
  • Negative. This means that no immune reaction was detected. But, this does not always provide an accurate idea as to whether the person is merely infected or does have the bacterial infection active.
  • Unclear. This indicates that a borderline result was found. When this happens the rest should be repeated with sputum along with blood.

In order to accurately detect whether the person is merely infected or has the disease, tests like radiography are advised alongside the IGRA.

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