Total IgE Test In Gurgaon

Total IgE Test In Gurgaon

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An IgE test is a type of blood test that is carried out by doctors at the time of sudden reactions on the body due to allergies. To fight these allergies, the immune system produces antibodies known as immunoglobulin E. However, at times, the impact of allergies reduces the performance of your immune system as it starts treating all these external substances like dust as serious threats and thus, makes the allergies worse.

Therefore, if you want to find an IgE test in Gurgaon to understand the levels of the antibodies within the immunity system and their response to a particular substance or external elements, you can research and find an IgE test near you. Always ask for the IgE test cost before making the final booking as the charges might vary from service to service in Gurgaon.

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About Total IgE Test

Why is the IgE test done?

Allergies are the most common problem for many people today, of all age groups and genders. The cause of an allergic reaction is dependent on the overall strength of the body to fight unfiltered substances around when you inhale them or consume them through food. Even though our bodies are well equipped with an immunity system, the level of the antibody immunoglobulin E also plays a major role in determining the severity of an allergic reaction. The main reasons why an IgE test is prescribed by a doctor to a patient include:

  • To find out an existing possibility of an active allergy and the reason behind the allergic reaction.
  • To analyze and recognize any underlying health problem within your immunity system that is restricting the healing and fighting capabilities of your body.
  • To test the presence of an infection within the body, guided by the presence of a parasite.
What does IgE test measure?

The IgE test is conducted to measure the level of the antibody called immunoglobulin E that is produced by your immunity system. It is because of this particular antibody that you can find multiple viruses, bacteria, and allergens in the air. However, along with protection, it is important to ensure that the level of this antibody does not go high as it is only necessary to be present in the bloodstream in very small amounts.

A high amount of immunoglobulin E in the bloodstream is a clear indicator of your body’s inability to fight allergens, which can cause serious problems if not treated in time. Additionally, a higher level of immunoglobulin E in the body can also mean that your body is fighting off a serious infection from a parasite or fighting with some underlying conditions within the immune system itself. Overall, if not taken care of in the initial stage, chances of facing an intense allergic reaction are far more than if the test is done within the necessary time bracket.

Risk/side effects of IgE test

The procedure of an IgE test is very safe and non-invasive. It is similar to a blood test and the most prominent side effects, if any, include feeling lightheaded or faint after the test. But that is only because the blood sample is drawn out of your body and for that sudden second or minute, you might feel dizzy. Other than this, you might also feel anxious if you are afraid of needles and might witness mild soreness or a tiny bruise post sample collection, but that is not common to all and does not last for more than a few minutes.

There is always an option of medical assistance in case of a longer duration of discomfort for sample collection. And, for most people, there are no risks involved in this test.


Why should you choose's home collection services?

Are you searching for “ige test near me?” In a city like Gurgaon, home collection tests are considered to be the safest and the most convenient options and this is exactly what’s home collection services offer. All you need to do is make a booking online as per your schedule for an at-home sample collection for the IgE test and then sit back and relax till the expert reaches your location.

The process is hassle-free and other than IgE tests, you can also book pregnancy tests in Gurgaon, disease identification tests for home collection, etc. The services are quick, convenient, and highly secure so try it today.



What are the common symptoms of an allergy?

For most people, the common symptoms of an allergic reaction include itchiness around the nose and eyes, shortness of breath, light cough, tightness around the chest, visible swelling in or around the lips, eyes, overall face, etc.

What is the normal level of immunoglobulin E?

According to studies, for any healthy individual who does not have any allergies, the level of IgE is the lowest in the body, and the values for normal IgE are in the range of 1.5-144 kU/L.

What is the price for the IgE test in Gurgaon?

The IgE test price may vary depending on where you are opting for the test. Generally, it should be between Rs. 360 to R. 1,000.

Interpreting IgE Test Results

Interpreting IgE Test Results

There are two different types of IgE tests that are commonly done to test the amount of immunoglobulin E in the body. The first type is done to test the total level of IgE in the entire body and is requested by the doctor when the cause of an allergic reaction is not identified. However, to test the immunoglobulin E amount against a particular allergen, specific IgE testing is done.

To understand the different interpretations of IgE test results, you need to know that the sensitivity of the test ranges from 60% to 95% for the total level check and 30% to 95% for a specific test. Key points to remember for IgE test interpretation include:

  • If the result is positive, it means that your body is sensitive to a particular allergen.
  • It is important to know that the level of immunoglobulin E in the body does not determine the severity of the allergen.
  • A normal level of IgE may not always mean the complete exclusion of allergic disorders.

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Steps To Book IgE Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

Many people search for “ige test near me” for a convenient home collection. The popularity of at-home or home collection IgE tests is increasing day by day and the main reasons behind this are the utmost comfort and privacy in the procedure. If you want to book an IgE test for a home collection in Gurgaon, you can do it in a few quick steps.

You need to go online and book as per your convenience by first selecting the time slot between 6 AM to 9 PM as per your suitability. Once this is done, the next step is to look for the nearest lab in your current location, especially for quick or urgent assistance. As soon as the booking is complete, an expert will reach your location at the booked time slot to collect your home collection sample for the IgE test.

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