Toxoplasma IgM Test In Gurgaon

Toxoplasma IgM Test In Gurgaon

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A Toxoplasma IgM Test In Gurgaon is performed to check whether a person has contracted the Toxoplasma Gondii Parasite. If a person has been infected, the IgM antibodies against the T.gondii parasite will form in the body. Depending upon the kind of antibody present and the amount of it, the extent of the infection and whether it was recent or old can be diagnosed. The IgM antibody is the first to be formed, and its presence indicates a recent or ongoing infection that may or may not require medical treatment.

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About Toxoplasma IgM Test

Why is the Toxoplasma IgM Test done?

The Toxoplasma IgM Test is done to check for antibodies related to the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite present in a patient’s body. A person can contract this infection through improperly cooked or uncooked meat or through an infected cat. Handling an infected cat or its faeces exposes a person to this parasitic infection.
While in most adults, this infection poses no major problem and is healed without treatment, if a pregnant woman is infected with this, the infection can pass on to the fetus. This possibility increases with every new trimester of the pregnancy.

What does Toxoplasma IgM Test measure?

The Toxoplasma IgM Test measures the kind and amount of antibodies present in the patient. An IgM is the first antibody that gets formed upon contraction of infection and stays for several days. By conducting this test, doctors are able to diagnose a recent T.gondii parasite infection. By measuring the number of antibodies present, doctors can get an idea of the extent of the infection and draw the necessary treatment plan.

Risk/side effects of Toxoplasma IgM Test

While there are no risks in the majority of cases from a Toxoplasma IgM Test, in rare cases, patients may suffer from phlebitis. Phlebitis is a rare condition in which the area from where blood is drawn may get swollen. In the rare event of this happening, applying a warm compress helps.


Why should you choose Flebo's home collection services?

Flebo’s team of expert and experienced lab technicians provide top-quality home collection facilities at the best Toxoplasma IgM Test In Gurgaon prices. If you look for accuracy of results along with the timely release, empathic technicians, affordable prices, and professional behaviour, the Flebo is the right choice for you. Convenience+Accuracy+Affordability are the main principles on which Flebo functions.



Can Toxoplasma IgM Test be taken at home?

Yes, a Toxoplasma IgM Test can be taken at home. It is a simple blood test that does not require any special equipment.

Will my Toxoplasma IgM Test In results be accurate if taken at home?

Yes. If you take services from a trusted home collection facility like Flebo, the results will be accurate.

What preparation do I need to do for the test?

This test is conducted through a blood sample, and as such, no preparation is needed for it.

Do I need treatment if my test is positive?

For the majority of adults, toxoplasmosis can be cured without the need for treatment. However, this varies for every individual, and the need for and the correct treatment has to be diagnosed by the doctor.

 Interpreting the Toxoplasma IgM Test results

Interpreting the Toxoplasma IgM Test results

Every testing lab has its own value chart for determining the results of the Toxoplasma IgM Test. This is dependent on the procedure used for drawing the results. Since different labs use different measurements to determine Positive, Equivocal, or Negative results, it is best to get the result interpreted by a qualified doctor.

The results are calculated on international units per millilitre scale. Some labs consider 8.5-8.9 to be positive, 7.2-8.5 equivocal, and below that negative. Others may differ in these values by 3-4 points in each category, positive, equivocal, and negative.

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Steps To Book Toxoplasma IgM Test Home Collection In Gurgaon

To book a Toxoplasma IgM Test In Gurgaon, all you need to do is go on the internet and look up the Toxoplasma IgM Test near me. You will be able to see all sorts of options. Select a facility that provides home collection services and is available at a suitable time for you. A technician would then be assigned to you for sample collection who will come with all the necessary equipment.

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