Urine Glucose Test In Gurgaon

Urine Glucose Test In Gurgaon

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Looking to book an Urine Glucose Test in Gurgaon? Read below to know about the test.

As the name suggests, a Urine Glucose Test is a means to detect the level of glucose in a patient’s urine. An abnormally high level of glucose in the urine can indicate health problems. Glucose is a form of sugar that is derived from carbohydrates. Your body breaks down carbohydrates to form glucose which is used to provide energy. Most commonly, this test is done to determine the presence of diabetes. Diabetes prevents your body from properly managing your body’s glucose levels.

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About Urine Glucose Test

Why is Urine Glucose Test necessary?

A Urine Glucose level helps reveal the presence of serious and often life-threatening diseases like diabetes. Additionally, people who have been diagnosed with diabetes are recommended to undergo regular Urine glucose tests to keep an eye on their condition. It is an accurate way of determining how much sugar control is needed. High glucose can cause kidney damage nerve damage and can result in elevating the seriousness of other minor illnesses and injuries a person may suffer. Low glucose levels can cause extreme fatigue and dizziness.

Before the invention of blood glucose tests, the Urine Glucose test was the only method of accurately testing the level of glucose in the body.

What does the Urine Glucose Test measure?

The urine Glucose Test measures the level of glucose in the urine sample provided. This gives an indication of the level of glucose in the body. An abnormal test with high levels of glucose would indicate the possibility of ailments like diabetes which, if left unchecked, can have serious consequences and cause a lot of complications that could last a lifetime or even be fatal.

To conduct a Urine Glucose Test, a urine sample is collected, which is then checked using a dipstick. A Dipstick is a small device made of cardboard that helps measure urine glucose levels. The dipstick, after contact with the urine sample, will change color, which will indicate the possible health problems. The changed color is an indication of how high the glucose levels in the urine are.

Risk/side effects of Urine Glucose Test

There are no side effects or risks to this test. It is a simple urine test and is completely non-invasive. The patient simply needs to submit a urine sample as instructed by the medical practitioner. The sample would then be submitted to a lab where technicians would conduct the tests required to identify the underlying problems.


Why should you choose Flebo.in's home collection services?

Flebo.in provides accurate and affordable Urine Glucose Test home collection services In Gurgaon. This team of trained lab technicians would come to your home at the allotted time with the necessary equipment and sample collection bottles and carry out the process unhindered. The services are offered at very affordable prices to prevent any unnecessary burden to the pockets.

Diabetes patients are at constant risk of having their glucose levels too high or too low. Maintaining the right balance is critical. Going to either extreme would have serious repercussions. A Urine Glucose Test in Gurgaon would help patients based in Gurgaon or visiting Gurgaon for treatment to manage their conditions well.



What preparation is needed for a Urine Glucose Test?

There is no special preparation required from the patient for a simple Urine Glucose Test.


Is fasting required for a Urine Glucose Test?

Generally, patients do not need to fast before a Urine Glucose Test. If required, the doctor will mention the same before the test is conducted.

Which ailments can a Urine Glucose Test indicate?

Most commonly, a Urine Glucose Test helps in identifying diabetes or prediabetes.

What is the normal range of Urine Glucose?

The normal range of Urine glucose is between 0-0.8 millimoles per liter (mmoL/L)

 Interpreting the Urine Glucose Test results

Interpreting the Urine Glucose Test results

When the dipstick is brought in contact with the sample of urine collected, it changes color. This change is what indicates elevated levels of urine glucose. High levels of Urine glucose are most commonly caused by diabetes. The doctor may prescribe additional tests in order to give a definitive diagnosis.

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Steps To Book Urine Glucose Test Home Collection In Gurgaon

To book a Urine Glucose Test in Gurgaon, a simple internet search will locate Urine Glucose Test facilities near you. Opting for a home collection service is much easier and time-saving. To book a home sample collection, simply search for the Urine Glucose Test near me, and a list of labs that provide this service will show up.
Then all you need to do is book an appointment, set a time with your allocated technician, and wait for them to come and collect the sample from your home.

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