Urine Test (pH) In Gurgaon

Urine Test (pH) In Gurgaon

A Urine Test (pH) is a simple test that indicates the pH level in urine. This test gives an overall idea of a patient’s health. Various factors alter the pH levels in a person’s urine sample, like diet, medications, and overall health. By getting a urine sample to conduct a simple Urine (pH) test, doctors can get an insight into what may be wrong with a patient. To diagnose, a urine pH test in Gurgaon is generally recommended by doctors.

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About Urine Test

Why is the Urine Test (pH) done?

A Urine Test (pH) is done to prevent painful experiences like Kidney stones. To prevent them, it is essential to get routine checks and have a Urine Test (pH) done. Usually, doctors would recommend a Urine Test (pH) if they see the need for one.

If the collected sample displays an extreme pH, whether higher or lower, it indicates a highly acidic or alkaline (basic) environment. If this exists for some time, Kidney stones are a major likelihood.

A Urine Test (pH) is also helpful in identifying the best medication for a patient suffering from a UTI.

What does the Urine Test (pH) test measure?

A Urine Test (pH) measures the pH levels in the patient’s urine. The pH level displayed in the test results indicates the status and whether the sample is on either extreme, whether lower or higher. This then helps in identifying the cause of the pH level if any abnormalities are found.

Patients who may be on regular medication may be asked to change them if required and based on the severity of the increase or drop in the pH levels. If not on medications, a change of diet would be suggested more readily to manage this condition and prevent kidney stones.

Risks/Side effects of Urine Test (pH)

This is a simple, non-invasive test and has no side effects. The doctor would give you a cup to collect the urine sample into. Patients need to urinate in that cup and keep it or hand it over as directed by the doctor. There is no equipment of any sort involved.



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Flebo.in’s team of trained and qualified technicians is not only empathic but is known for conducting accurate tests.

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Can diet changes actually help in maintaining normal pH?

Unless you are on medication, an unbalanced diet is the most probable cause of abnormal Urine pH. An altering diet as per doctor recommendations is sure to bring urine pH to a normal level.

How to prepare for Urine Test (pH) In Gurgaon?

The doctors may ask patients to refrain from taking certain medications like those required to treat glaucoma, high blood pressure, UTIs, heartburn, etc., as they affect the urine pH. Patients must not make changes to their regular diet unless instructed by the doctor to get accurate results.

Is Urine Test (pH) necessary?

If your doctor has recommended this test, then it’s necessary. It can lead to the revelation of a disease or be a part of another diagnosis. Otherwise, it’s optional.

What happens after a Urine Test pH?

After a Urine Test pH, you can carry on with your daily activities. It is a regular non-invasive procedure and carries no side effects.

 Interpreting the Urine pH Test results

Interpreting the Urine pH Test results

The normal range of urine pH goes between 4.5-8.0. While 7.0 is the ideal pH level, 6.0 is the most common result. A lower number is an indication of more acidic urine, while a higher number suggests a more alkaline environment

4.5-8.0 Normal
< 4.5 Acidic Urine Kidney Stones, Acidosis, Diarrhea, Dehydration, etc.
> 8.0  Alkaline Based  Kidney Failure, Renal Tubular Acidosis, Vomiting, UTIs, etc.

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Steps To Book Urine (pH) Test For Home Collection In Gurgaon

When searching for a “urine ph test near me”, make sure to consider the reviews and the transparency that the company provides with respect to their certifications and verification. Booking a Urine Test pH In Gurgaon for home collection is a matter of simple internet search. You will find all facilities which provide home sample collection services. You can select whoever you like near you and book an appointment with them. Post this, the patients would receive a call from the assigned technician to book a time slot. The technician would arrive at that time and collect the sample as required.

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