Vitamin C Test In Gurgaon

Vitamin C Test In Gurgaon

For a vitamin C Test, it is important to know why this particular vitamin is necessary for the body. The ascorbic acid test, commonly known as a vitamin C test, is usually prescribed to patients to determine the level of this particular vitamin C in the body of a patient. It is readily available in abundance in citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, and multiple other vegetables and is responsible for some important body functions. Therefore, with the help of a vitamin C test, it is easier for the doctors to observe and diagnose the possibility of reduced levels or increased levels of vitamin C.

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Why is the Vitamin C Test done?

With the help of a vitamin C test, a doctor can observe the level of this particular vitamin in the bloodstream to ensure no deficiency of the same is present. Furthermore, if a patient is already undergoing treatment for the deficiency of this vitamin, with the help of vitamin C, doctors can check the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment and make necessary changes, if need be.

Given the importance of this particular vitamin C for all age groups and genders, it is now part of a regular body health examination routine to allow the doctors to take a call on its levels and prescribe a treatment plan if the vitamin level is low or high in the blood.

In the human body, vitamin C is responsible for multiple body functions including the following:

  • Natural antioxidant to protect the body cells from the damage from free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • A protein that is responsible for the synthesis of collagen also helps with wound healing.
  • Increases the absorption of iron from different food items along with supporting the immune system to allow it to fight several different diseases.
  • According to research, ample consumption of vitamin C also helps prevent a range of different cancers and cardiovascular diseases.
What does the Vitamin C Test measure?

With the help of a vitamin C test, doctors measure the level of this particular vitamin in the bloodstream of a patient to draw a conclusive diagnosis and treatment plan. In most cases, vitamin C deficiency is due to the lack of this vitamin in the daily diet and an increase in the level of this vitamin can be due to the consumption of additional supplements of vitamin C. However, it is important to note that there are potential diseases like anemia, gingivitis, etc., that can target the patients if the vitamin C levels are not checked, especially if the symptoms are visible.

Risk/side Effects Of Vitamin C Test

Two things that all patients are usually concerned about before sitting for a vitamin C test are: first, the vitamin C blood test cost in their city, and second, the potential side effects or risks involved in the medical procedure. The process of sample collection is done through a blood test for vitamin C. There are no risks involved in the process as it is less invasive. However, common side effects that do not last too long include bruising, dizziness, soreness, or bleeding from the area where the vein was punctured.


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If I am diagnosed with vitamin C deficiency, what changes can I make to my diet?

If you have been diagnosed with vitamin C deficiency, you can add more citrus fruits and vegetables to your daily diet like oranges, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, lemon, and even vitamin C supplements.

What are some of the common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency?

If your doctor has prescribed a vitamin C test, the possible symptoms that have been recognized can include sudden loss of appetite, bleeding gums, anemia, muscle and joint pain, sudden weight loss, etc.

Is there any other way to test the level of vitamin C other than a blood test?

Some labs and hospitals do take a urine sample as a medium to test the level of vitamin C in the bloodstream. However, it is not an accurate method. Blood sample collection is the most common and accurate method all over the world.


Interpreting Vitamin C Test Results

Interpreting Vitamin C Test Results

Knowing how to read your test results before you book your next vitamin C test in Gurgaon is as important as knowing the vitamin C test price in your city. When you know how to interpret the test results, you are well informed about your medical condition before the doctor intervenes and are prepared for the best in the worst-case scenarios. Here are a few pointers to help you read your next vitamin C test report.

  • The normal range or the optimum range of vitamin C in the bloodstream should be between 0.2 to 2.3 mg/dL.
  • If the vitamin C test results indicate a higher range above the optimal range, it can mean over absorption of iron within the body, a higher amount of vitamin C supplements being consumed in the daily diet, a possible history of kidney stones, etc. Doctors would recommend further testing for a more conclusive result.
  • If the vitamin C test results indicate a lower range as compared to the optimal range, it is directly associated with vitamin C deficiency, which is dangerous and causes weakness in the body. As a result, long-term problems like gallbladder disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, etc., can be detected as a final diagnosis.
Results Potential Diagnosis
Between 0.2 to 2.3 mg/dL Normal range
< Normal Range Vitamin C deficiency
>Normal Range High levels of vitamin C, change in diet, or reduction in supplements recommended


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Steps to book a Vitamin C Test home collection in Gurgaon

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