How To Purify Your Blood: Top # Dietary & Lifestyle Suggestions

How To Purify Your Blood: Top # Dietary & Lifestyle Suggestions

Overview on how to purify your blood

Blood is the life source of any being. From carrying oxygen to the lungs to taking nutrition to each cell of the body, the blood helps other organs function effectively. Blood is made up of plasma and protein particles. The purification of blood requires very little time and energy from your end. While many ideas and options will pop up when you look for how to purify blood, understanding the basics will help you make an informed decision.

Blood purification is part of the lifestyle change and is a holistic approach towards a better and healthier you. The process of detoxification, which is performed by the liver, also aids in blood cleansing.

Why is it important to purify your blood?

Blood performs many functions that collectively aid in the process of keeping a person healthy and strong from within. The blood helps in the transportation of oxygen and chemicals to the sites that require it. It also carries the killer cells of the immune system to provide constant protection from pathogenic attacks. The organs release toxins that need to be removed from the body. These toxins are carried to the excretory organs like the kidneys and the liver dissolved in the blood.

Since the blood carries a large amount of toxins every day, cleansing or purifying it will help prevent blood poisoning. The pH of blood is also essential to ensure that the functions performed by the blood can be carried out smoothly.

Blood poisoning or blood sepsis is a condition where the impurities in the blood allow pathogens, especially bacteria, to breed and cause internal damage. If left untreated, sepsis can even cause death. The symptoms of blood poisoning are:

    • Rapid breathing
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Feeling chills and having a fever
    • Fatigue
    • Palpitations
    • Constantly sweating
    • Feeling confuses

Transportation aside, blood purification provides the following benefits:

    • Better immunity, since blood consists of white blood cells that provide innate immunity throughout the day.
    • Skiing ailments are countered, and you get healthy, glowing skin.
    • Cholesterol levels are kept in check, as blood purification methods include a change in the lifestyle and eating healthy.
    • Detoxification involves removing the free radicals build-up from the body and this also aids in weight loss.
    • Better blood circulation has an overall impact on the metabolic activities that further aid in getting a healthy skin and body.
    • Blood cleansing basics
    • Before delving into the basics of how to purify blood using home remedies, it is essential to understand the organs that play a crucial part in the process of purification. There are three main organs that help in the transportation and exchange of substances: the Lungs, the Kidneys, and the Liver.

Most of the detoxification and purification process takes place in the liver. The liver helps in the conversion of food into energy, produces more blood cells, and also converts toxins to compounds that can be safely removed from the body. The kidneys filter the blood and remove the toxins that are converted by the liver. The lungs help in regulating the oxygen and carbon dioxide content of the blood. Any disorder related to these organs can affect the working of the blood and its health.

Apart from these organs that aid in the main purification process, the detoxification is carried out by the spleen, intestines, lymphatic system, and skin. Hence, opting for a holistic approach of blood purification will ensure better functioning of all these organs.

Foods to eat for blood purification

Food plays a major role in helping the body perform its daily functions. People get energy from food and the phytochemicals present in fruits and vegetables aid the body by strengthening their functionalities. That said, moderation is the key. Overindulging in raw fruits and vegetables can also lead to a build-up of excessive minerals that can cause damage to the organs.

For the purpose of blood purification, the following foods are considered to be the best:

    • Leafy green vegetables – vegetables are great reservoirs of phytonutrients as they take up essential minerals and vitamins to grow. Green vegetables like spinach or kale are rich in iron and are considered to be great sources for folic acid. These vegetables assist the liver in producing enzymes that make the blood purification process smoother. In fact, these leafy vegetables are called ‘blood purifier food’.
    • Water – water is a universal coolant and, for the human body, works as a great blood purifier. More than 60% of the human body is made of water. The blood plasma is primarily water. Staying hydrated also helps the kidneys to effectively flush out the toxins.
    • Beetroot – beetroot is high in antioxidants and nitrates. Both these substances are essential to help the liver counter inflammatory damages that further increase the efficiency of the organ.
    • Onion – onions are a great source of sulfur and phosphorus. Sulfur is known to prevent bacterial growth in the body. Eating a raw onion every day can help the blood detox and get rid of skin conditions.
    • Blueberries – Blueberries contain all the essential flavonoids that aid in the overall enhancement of the body. The antioxidants present in blueberries also help prevent oxidative reactions that cause cell damage and help people look younger.
    • Citrus fruits – citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are a great storehouse of antioxidants. Lemon has always been considered a miracle food for reducing fat. The antioxidants in lemon, when combined with warm water and honey, provide a boost to the kidneys, while helping the body break down excess fatHerbs for blood purification

Herbs have been a vital part of Indian history, especially Ayurveda. Any medicinal concoction contained a multitude of herbal pastes and they did wonders for the body. Herbs too are a great reservoir for blood purifying agents. Some of the most beneficial blood purifier herbs are:

    • Green tea – the fat-burning benefit of green tea is quite widespread. But, green tea and green coffee are also great blood purifiers. They attack the harmful free radicals and prevent toxin build-up in the system.
    • Indian Gooseberry or Amla – amla is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Amla works towards blood purification by flushing the toxins out and it also helps enhance blood circulation.
    • Parsley – parsley works in aiding liver functionality and also enhances the urine volume while strengthening the kidneys. When the key organs for blood purification work smoothly, the detoxification and purification of the blood are done better.
    • Indian lilac or Neem – neem is considered to be the panacea of plants. This plant is a cure-all. No matter the ailment, neem can counter the causal agents. Neem is a great blood purifier, and hence, makes the other organs work more effectively.

Lifestyle tips for blood purification

Naturally purifying blood requires a holistic approach and that also includes making lifestyle changes. When looking for how to purify blood using home remedies, food and lifestyle go hand in hand. The key organs for blood purification should be strengthened. Food alone cannot make the whole system work properly. Making these lifestyle changes can also help.

Lifestyle changes include making adjustments to the busy schedule to have proper free time that can aid in helping the body relax. Stress is one of the biggest enemies of health. When the body is under constant stress, it can become tense, and hypertension often damages critical organs. Making a routine and not deviating from it will help in having a good metabolism that will, ultimately, help in blood purification.

Working out is another great way to reduce fat and cholesterol. This makes the blood less toxic and also helps the blood retain its pH. Regulating the sleep cycle and also eating in moderation aids in blood purification.

Other tips for blood purification

When the talk is about lifestyle changes and looking for natural ways to purify blood, avoiding alcohol and smoking devices like cigarettes and vapes should be considered. Alcohol affects the liver and smoke affects the lungs. When the main blood purification devices are damaged, the blood will be high in toxins. These lifestyle changes will also help counter early signs of aging and strengthen the immune system.


Blood is a vital body fluid that helps in maintaining a healthy system. The process of blood purification should be made part of your daily routine. Making small changes in your lifestyle every day can help you holistically address many disorders. The concept of holistic healing, which is trending now, has been around for thousands of years. The concept believes in treating each disorder to be part of the whole picture. Blood purification is one such holistic approach to a better you. Eating healthy and routinely exercising will help not just in purifying blood, but also keep you happy and healthy.


Can spices aid in blood purification?

Along with herbs, spices have been part of Ayurveda. Majority of the spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric, cloves, and cinnamon are known blood purifiers which also have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Can people with kidney issues ingest these foods?

People who are suffering from kidney disorders will have a high amount of toxins in their blood. This is the primary reason behind dialysis: it cleanses blood externally to prevent sepsis. Since the kidneys are already damaged, not all foods that are ideal for a healthy individual can be safe for a person with a damaged kidney. Fruits and vitamins are not a single nutrient source. So, even if a food is considered a great blood purifier and rich in potassium, it can harm the damaged kidney. Hence, foods like avocados, oranges, and olives should be avoided.

What other methods can aid in blood purification?

For a healthy individual, natural methods for blood purification will be ideal. If the person is suffering from any underlying conditions, he/she should always consult a doctor before opting for detox procedures.