Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test In Hyderabad

Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test In Hyderabad

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For anyone who has been prescribed an AMA Test, it is important to know about what this test stands for. AMA, known as the anti-mitochondrial antibody test, is designed to determine the chances of a patient falling prey to primary biliary cholangitis, commonly known as PBC. It is an autoimmune disorder that causes severe damage and inflammation to the bile ducts present within the liver. These autoimmune antibodies (AMA) are developed to fight against the multiple antigens present within the body. A patient with PBC disease is known to have high levels of M2 and M9 AMA antigens.

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About Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test

Why is the Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test done?

The main purpose of conducting an AMA test is to observe and detect the presence of anti-mitochondrial antibodies within the bloodstream of a patient. It is directly indicative of the liver health of a patient and also helps the doctor understand the extent to which the present AMAs within the bloodstream are affecting the patient, along with what harm they pose.

For most patients, the prescription of completing an AMA test is primarily done to reduce the chances of falling victim to an increased risk of liver cancer. However, an AMA test alone is not enough to diagnose PBC, and thus, in most cases, doctors recommend further testing to confirm the possibility of this autoimmune disorder in a patient.

What does the Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test measure?

Other than knowing the possible AMA test cost in your city, or even the AMA test price in Hyderabad, it is important to know what the test measures and how it helps doctors draw a more detailed diagnosis for a patient. The main purpose of completing an AMA test is to help doctors measure the level of AMA within the bloodstream of a patient. In most cases, the AMA test is followed by a list of other different tests, to conclude the final diagnosis to be that of PBC.

It is very important to get this test completed to rule out the possibility of this chronic autoimmune disorder which can cause serious damage to your liver. Even though the disease is a slowly progressing one, it causes major liver destruction and even blockage of the bile flow. It is more common for women within the age bracket of 35 to 60 years.

Risk/Side Effects Of The Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (Ama) Test

If you are looking for “AMA test near me”, you might be concerned about two important things, the first being the AMA test cost and the second being the potential side effects and risks involved. The risks involved in this procedure are bare minimum, as it is completed through a blood sample collection which is non-invasive. However, some side effects that can come to the surface include light bruising, bleeding, soreness around the vein, and dizziness. But none of these are long-lasting and resolve within the initial hours.


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Can routine check-ups and tests indicate the possibility of PBC?

In most cases, if a routine blood test indicates increased levels of alkaline phosphatase in the bloodstream, it is considered to be a sign of a gallbladder or bile duct disease, which is then taken up for AMA testing for clarity.

What are the symptoms of PBC?

some of the common symptoms of this liver disease can include sudden weight loss, pain in the right abdomen on the upper side, swelling of feet or hands, dry eyes, itchy skin, fatigue, etc.

Is blood sample collection for the AMA test the only method?

According to doctors, there is no accurate method of finding out the level of AMA in your bloodstream other than a blood test.

Interpreting Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test Results

Interpreting Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test Results

You can easily find the AMA test cost or AMA test price through online research, but it is very important to know how to read and interpret your AMA test results to be well informed about your medical condition at all times. It further allows patients to have a more open mind about the treatment plans that can be prescribed. Here are some quick pointers to keep in mind if you wish to read your test results.

  • According to medical experts, for the majority of healthy individuals, a normal range of anything below 35 IU/ml in the blood is common.
  • There are only two possible result scenarios within the AMA test and they are either positive or negative.
  • If your test results come positive, it directly indicates the presence of these antibodies in your bloodstream. However, it does not conclude the diagnosis to be PBC and further testing will be recommended by the doctor to confirm the possibility of the presence of this disease or others.
  • If your test results come out negative, it rules out the possibility of any type of liver disease that could have emerged due to the presence of AMA in the blood.
Results Potential Diagnosis
Below 35 IU/ml Normal for healthy adults
Presence of AMA PBC or other diseases, further testing necessary
Absence of AMA Negative for PBC


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