Protein Electrophoresis Test In Delhi

Protein Electrophoresis Test In Delhi

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Looking to book a Protein ElectrophoresisTest in Delhi? Read below to know about the test.

A Protein Electrophoresis Test is a blood test in which only the serum of the blood is tested. The serum is a liquid that is derived when the red and white cells and the platelets are removed from the blood sample. SPEP is done to identify some particular type of proteins present in the blood through a lab technique known as Electrophoresis.
Electrophoresis is the technique in which different kinds of proteins are separated from the blood to assess the presence of diseases and causes.

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About Protein Electrophoresis Test

Why is the Protein Electrophoresis Test done?

Doctors order a Protein Electrophoresis Test to identify a few things:

  • By separating the different proteins in the blood serum, doctors are able to determine the cause of symptoms or illnesses a person may be experiencing.
  • It can help determine thyroid issues, anaemia, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, malnutrition, autoimmune diseases as well as cancer.
  • A Protein Electrophoresis Test is especially helpful in determining the cause of certain symptoms like nausea, sudden weight loss, back pain, weak bones, fatigue or weakness, constant and excessive thirst, and even constipation.
What does a Protein Electrophoresis Test measure?

Various types of proteins are found in the blood such as:

  • Albumin
  • Alpha-1 globulin
  • Alpha-2 globulin
  • Beta globulin
  • and Gamma globulin.

The Protein Electrophoresis Test is used to analyze and measure the value of all of these different proteins in the blood.
In general, the normal range of each of these proteins in the blood are as follows:

Protein Type  Normal Range (grams/decilitre)
Albumin 3.8-5.0
Alpha-1 Globulin 0.1- 0.3
Alpha-2 Globulin 0.6- 1.0
Beta Globulin 0.7- 1.4
Gamma Globulin 0.7- 1.6

The Protein Electrophoresis Test is suggested by doctors to check if the protein values are within this range or not.

Proteins are called the building blocks of the body. They determine all major aspects like bone structure overall health, as well as help with healing and recovery of the body. The increase in value of any of these proteins can be an indication of a particular type of ailment most associated with that protein.

Risk/side effects of Protein Electrophoresis Test

As this test is a simple blood test, there are no major side effects or risks to it. A needle is used to prick and withdraw blood. However, since it is a slightly invasive test, there may be some bleeding, bruising, and discomfort felt. All of these symptoms go away on their own and do not need any special medical assistance.


Why should you choose's home collection services?


If you search for the Protein Electrophoresis Test price in Delhi, you will find that offers more affordable costs than others. More importantly, offers home sample collection services which not many local labs do.’s technicians are qualified, trained and professional, which means that the test will be conducted smoothly and the results provided are accurate.

A Protein Electrophoresis Test In Delhi can reveal any symptoms or illnesses that may keep you from leading a healthy lifestyle. Since it is a simple procedure, it can easily be part of your routine checkups to ensure that no undetected ailments go unnoticed.



Is the Protein Electrophoresis Test at home accurate?

Protein Electrophoresis Test, whether done at home or a lab, provides accurate results.

Does provide accompanying tests with the Protein Electrophoresis Test In Hyderabad?

Yes, provides a whole range of tests and accompanying tests with the Protein Electrophoresis Test In Hyderabad.


Is any preparation needed for this test?

No, the patient does not need to prepare for this test in any form.

Do I need to observe fasting before this test?

No, this test is to measure the level of proteins in blood serum. Fasting is not required.

 Interpreting the Protein Electrophoresis Test results

Interpreting the Protein Electrophoresis Test results

Interpreting Protein Electrophoresis test results

When a Protein Electrophoresis Test is done, the different proteins are separated by placing the blood serum into a special gel and then exposing this to electric current. The different proteins separate into groups, clubbing with other protein molecules of their kind, which are then analyzed.

Different ratios of increase in all the different protein values can indicate the presence of a particular illness. However, this test is not considered alone, and doctors would order more tests to get a definitive diagnosis.

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Steps To Book Protein Electrophoresis Test For Home Collection In Delhi

Booking a Protein Electrophoresis Test In Delhi is simple. All you need to do is search for the Protein Electrophoresis Test near me and select from the options that show up. You can contact your chosen facility to book a time slot, and a technician will come to you at that time for sample collection.

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