Synaptophysin Test in Delhi

Synaptophysin Test in Delhi

Synaptophysin Test is the most reliable immunohistochemistry marker for identifying the abnormal tumors causing cancer. In cells, whenever there is a presence of an antigen, the antibody treating that antigen sticks to it, if it matches. Synaptophysin is a glycoprotein that is a component of the membrane of neuroendocrine secretory granules and is identified by monoclonal antibodies in a number of neuroendocrine tumors.

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About Synaptophysin Test

Why is the Synaptophysin Test done?

The Synaptophysin Test is run to detect the neuroendocrine tumors in the cells. It is also run to monitor the treatment for neuroendocrine tumors. Cancerous tumors develop from the membrane of the cells to which the antibodies are attached. This test is used for detecting the cancer cells in the body. The other tests would be able to suggest the presence of a tumor. However, a cancer tumor can only be detected through a biopsy.

What does the Synaptophysin Test measure?

The Synaptophysin Test measures the neuroendocrine tumor in the cells. This test measures the growth of the tumor or abnormal tissues from the neuroendocrine tissues. As synaptophysin is a maker of these neuroendocrine tissues, it forms a reliable source to test the formation of tumors.

Risk/side effects of Synaptophysin Test

This test does not involve any particular risk or side effects as the test is conducted on the biopsy tissue sample collected from the individual’s body or target area where the tumor is suspected.


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Would I have to make special preparations before the test?

No, this test does not require any special preparations.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a testing procedure in which tissues or a few cells are removed from the body for testing in the laboratory.

What is Synaptophysin?

Synaptophysin is a protein that is found in neurons. This regulates the movement of the neurotransmitters within the neurons.


Interpreting the synaptophysin Test results

Interpreting the synaptophysin Test results

There are only two interpretations of the synaptophysin test: either the neuroendocrine tumors are present in the body or they are absent. When the neuroendocrine tumor is present, the test is said to be positive, else negative.

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