TORCH 5 Panel (IgM) Test In Delhi

TORCH 5 Panel (IgM) Test In Delhi

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The TORCH 5 Panel test is a blood test that detects the level of antibodies against the illnesses listed in the TORCH panel in the bloodstream. Looking to book a torch 5 panel test in Delhi? Read further to know more about the test.

This test might be ordered by your doctor to determine the cause of recurrent miscarriages and infections that may affect the foetus during pregnancy. These tests look for a variety of illnesses in newborns. Toxoplasmosis, rubella cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, and HIV is the complete form of TORCH. It can, however, contain other neonatal illnesses. Toxoplasma IgG, Rubella IgG, CMV IgG, and herpes simplex virus (I & II) IgG are among the criteria.

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About TORCH 5 Panel Test

Why is the TORCH 5 Panel Test done?

If you are exposed to certain infectious diseases or become ill while pregnant, or if your baby shows any signs of infection, such as mental disabilities, deafness, heart problems, cataracts, or jaundice, this test will be requested. When a patient has their first prenatal visit, a doctor will usually do certain components of the TORCH screen routinely. If they exhibit symptoms of specific disorders during the pregnancy, they may undertake further procedures. These disorders have the potential to cross the placenta and cause birth abnormalities in the baby.

The tests look for two types of antibodies:

  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
  • Immunoglobulin M (IgM) (IgM).
Infection  Presence of IgG antibodies
Infection in the past, but no longer unwell. Present
Acute Infection Present


These antibodies, combined with a woman’s history of symptoms, can also be used by a doctor to determine whether the foetus has been exposed to an infection.



What does a TORCH 5 Panel Test measure?
  1. Toxoplasmosis: When a parasite (T. gondii) enters the body through the mouth, it causes toxoplasmosis. Cat litter and faeces, as well as undercooked meat and uncooked eggs, contain the parasite. Toxoplasmosis infection in the womb frequently does not manifest symptoms for several years.
  2. Rubella: Rubella is a viral infection that causes a rash. It is also known as German measles. In children, the virus’s negative effects are mild. Rubella, on the other hand, can cause major birth abnormalities if it infects the foetus.
  3. Cytomegalovirus: The herpes virus family includes cytomegalovirus (CMV). Adults normally don’t experience any visible symptoms. In a developing foetus, however, CMV can cause hearing loss, seizures, and intellectual disabilities.
  4. Herpes simplex: During delivery, the herpes simplex virus is normally passed from the mother to the foetus in the birth canal. It’s also possible for the infant to contract an infection while still within the womb. In babies, the infection can cause a range of significant problems.


Risk/side effects of TORCH 5 Panel Test

The TORCH viral screens are low-risk blood tests that are straightforward to perform. Bruising, redness, and discomfort may occur at the injection site. The piercing wound can get infected in extremely rare circumstances. The foetus will not be harmed as a result of this examination.


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Can have a successful pregnancy after TORCH tests positive?

For the healthy growth of a foetus and a safe pregnancy, several health authorities recommend TORCH tests before conception. A TORCH test’s results are also classified as positive or negative. Unless the test result is for a disease for which you should be vaccinated, a negative test result is deemed normal.

What is the TORCH panel of tests and what is its significance?

The TORCH panel is a collection of tests that are used to screen newborns and, in some cases, pregnant women for illnesses that can cause birth abnormalities in a baby if the mother catches them while pregnant. When the immune system is exposed to infectious diseases, the tests detect antibodies produced by the immune system.


What happens if rubella IgG is high in pregnancy?

A positive rubella IgG test result is beneficial since it suggests you are immune to rubella and will not get the disease.

Interpreting the TORCH 5 Panel test results

Interpreting the TORCH 5 Panel test results

Interpreting TORCH 5 Panel Test results

  1. A normal result is a negative antibody in the blood, indicating that the person examined is unlikely to have the illness.
  2. A positive result means there’s a good chance you’ll get infected with that microorganism. When there is a current or recent infection, IgM antibodies are present. However, more testing is required to corroborate the findings.
  3. IgG antibodies in pregnant women usually reflect an earlier infection.
  4. If a newborn has both IgM and IgG antibodies, it’s most likely because the mother’s antibodies were passed to the foetus through the placenta.

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Steps To Book TORCH 5 Panel Test For Home Collection In Delhi

To book a TORCH 5 Panel Test in Delhi, either through word of mouth or by researching online, find different hospitals, clinics, and centres that perform this test. The TORCH 5 Panel Test price may vary from organization to organization and this difference is not extremely evident. Next, you have to find a hospital or lab and pick a time that suits your schedule and either call the clinic or book an appointment online.

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