Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test In Faridabad

Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test In Faridabad

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The Rubella IgM Test In Faridabad is to test whether a patient has antibodies for the Rubella (German Measles) virus. The presence of these antibodies denotes that a person has recently been infected with rubella. The IgM test is done to check whether a person has been recently infected with the virus, so as to figure out the course of treatment. Rubella can spread through droplets. This means that if a person shares food, drink, or touches something that an infected person has coughed on, they will be infected too.

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About Rubella IgM Test

Why is Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test done

A Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test is done to see whether a patient has contracted Rubella or not. It usually takes about 2-3 days for the antibodies to develop and show on a test. The IgM antibodies stay for 7-10 days in adults. This test is especially important because while its symptoms are fairly mild and recover quickly, it can spread very easily through droplets.

What does Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test measure

The Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test detects the presence of IgM antibodies. IgM antibodies are a type of protein that is produced in the body to fight off specific viruses. An IgM antibody is the first type of antibody formed when a person gets infected with a virus. Unlike the IgG antibody, it is not present for a lifetime in the patient’s bloodstream, and as such, gives an indication of a recent viral contraction.

Risk/side effects of Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test

There are no serious risks or side effects of taking the Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test. However, since it is a blood test wherein the needle is pricked into the arm to obtain blood, patients can experience excessive bleeding, pain, and slight inflammation or soreness in the region.


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Do I need any preparation for this test?

No, the patient does not need any preparation for this test as it is a simple blood test.

Are any other tests used to detect Rubella?

An IgG test is also sometimes used by itself, after the IgM or in combination with it depending upon the observance and precautions necessary for every individual.

Is this test safe to take at home?

Being a blood test, it is absolutely safe to take the rubella test at home, unless otherwise specified by the doctor.

Are pregnant women more at risk of contracting Rubella?

While not at more risk of contracting Rubella in general, if a pregnant woman does contract it, the unborn child may also contract it. If caught within the first 4 months of pregnancy, the child can be born with deformities or too early.

 Interpreting the Rubella IgM Test results

Interpreting the Rubella IgM Test results

Interpreting Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test results

Unlike the IgG test, the Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test does not have any values on the basis of which a diagnosis can be formed. It is simply a positive or negative test.

If your Rubella (German Measles) IgM Test results are positive, it would indicate that you have been recently infected by it. The IgM stays in the body for 7-10 days in adults and for up to a year in babies.

A negative result means that you have not contracted the infection. However in case a patient has low immunity, it could simply mean that their body did not produce enough antibodies to be visible in a test.

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