Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination Test (TPHA) In Faridabad

Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination Test (TPHA) In Faridabad

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The treponema pallidum hemagglutination or TPHA test is primarily prescribed by doctors to detect the presence of certain antibodies directly involved with the disease syphilis. These are known as the pallidum antibodies. Syphilis is a disease that can be transmitted via sexual intercourse due to the bacteria called treponema pallidum. There are, in total, four stages to this disease, which are termed as the primary stage, the secondary, the latent, and the tertiary stage.

The doctors need to know the level of the disease, if present in the body, through the TPHA test, to prescribe the right treatment plan for the fastest recovery.

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About TPHA Test

Why is the TPHA test done?

The main reason why a doctor prescribes a TPHA test is to detect the possibility of syphilis, which is transmitted through sexual intercourse, in the patient. The bacteria that causes this disease or infection can be responsible for the appearance of severe symptoms or no symptoms at all. Thus, it requires proper testing. The initial screening of the antibodies that cause the disease can only be tested with the help of a TPHA test.

For most patients, the initial symptoms of syphilis begin to surface after 3 to 4 weeks post the patient is targeted by the bacteria. The disease is divided into four separate stages and it is highly necessary to detect the disease or infection in the early stages to prevent major damage to the organs of the body.

What does the TPHA Test measure?

The main idea behind the TPHA test is to observe and diagnose the possibility of syphilis while highlighting the stage of the disease for a patient. The procedure is simple as it only requires a blood test which is then used to measure the number of pallidum antibodies present in the bloodstream of a patient to detect the exact level of infection. In medical terms, the entire testing process for a TPHA test is by sensitizing the red blood cells present in the blood with the treponema pallidum antibody fragments.

The patient only has to give the blood sample for testing, however, once that is complete, a serum sample is infected on a medical dish to mix with the blood sample collected, to test it under the microscope for the final diagnosis. The intensity of the results achieved further clarifies the level of the disease between the four stages of syphilis.

Risk/side effects of Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination Test

The medical procedure required to complete a TPHA test is through the process of blood sample collection of a patient. Given this non-invasive medical procedure that is followed, the risks involved are a bare minimum. However, for some patients, possible side effects or discomfort can include soreness, bleeding, light bruising, difficulty to move the arm once the sample is collected, and so on. But none of the side-effects are long-lasting and usually resolve on their own. Other than this, there are no serious side effects or risks for the entire process.


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All the different tests require sample collection which can be a hassle, especially if you have to commute to a lab or hospital to give your sample. However, with’s home collection services, you no longer have to leave your house and can enjoy giving your sample from the comfort of your home. Instead of conventionally searching “TPHA test near me”, all you need to do is make an online booking for the test you want to give your blood sample for and then wait for a clinician to visit your location for sample collection. There is a wide range of tests you can pick from and the sample collection can be both blood or urine.

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What are the common symptoms that indicate the possibility of syphilis for a patient?

For most patients, the types of symptoms depend on the level of the disease as it has four different stages. For the initial stage, the symptoms include a painless and small round sore. For the secondary stage, skin rashes and a sore throat or common symptoms. Moving forward, the symptoms become highly noticeable and the last stage is considered to be the most life-threatening stage for this disease.

Do I need any particular diet before testing for the TPHA test in Faridabad?

No, as it is a simple blood test routine, there are no important prerequisites to follow before sitting for the test. However, at times, the doctor might recommend fasting or a particular diet, so always consult him/her

Is an operation the only treatment plan to treat syphilis?

For most patients, the treatment plan directly depends on the level of syphilis the patient is at. However, for most cases, a strong and strict antibiotic course is enough for treatment.

Interpreting Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination Test Results

Interpreting Treponema Pallidum Hemagglutination Test Results

As important as it is to know the exact TPHA test price or TPHA test cost in your city, it is also crucial to know how to read the test results before going in for your next TPHA test. This way, you are always informed about your condition and feel more involved with the entire treatment process. Here are some key pointers to remember before you test for syphilis.

  • The test results and their intensity can be within a range from – to 4+.
  • The test results indicate a negative presence of the pallidum antibodies by depicting a small clear centre in the result with the cells being settled at the bottom.
  • In another case scenario, when the results come out positive, the range at which the results stand plays a vital role in understanding the level of disease or infection.
  • If the result is at 4+, the doctors suspect the presence of a uniform mat that is covering the entire well.
  • If the result is 3+, it indicates that approximately 75 to 80% of the wealth is covered by the mat of cells.
  • If the test results show lower intensity than 3+, it indicates a separate positive test result case scenario.
  • If the intensity of the cell mat decreases further and is surrounded by a ring denser than the other possible case scenarios, it is considered to be a positive yet initial stage result.
Results Potential Diagnosis
Small clear centre, cells at bottom Negative, no syphilis
4+ intensity 4th Stage syphilis
3+ intensity 3rd or 2nd stage syphilis
>2+ intensity Initial stage


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Steps to book a TPHA Test home collection in Faridabad

If you are looking to book a TPHA test in Faridabad, especially for TPHA test home collection service, the procedure to follow is very easy and requires very little steps. The booking is done online and to begin, you need to first choose a time slot between 6 AM to 9 PM as per your schedule and convenience before moving on to choosing a lab that is nearest to your current location. Once you complete these two steps, all you need to do is sit back and wait for a medical expert to reach your chosen location to collect your blood sample for the TPHA test in Faridabad.

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