Tri-Iodothyronine Total (TT3) Test In Faridabad

Tri-Iodothyronine Total (TT3) Test In Faridabad

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The TT3 test is a determinant test to measure the level of tri-iodothyronine, commonly known as T3 in our blood. We often search for “TT3 test in Faridabad ” to ensure that the level of T3 is normal. Now, why do we need to check the value regularly? Well, T3 is one of the two thyroid gland secretions (the other hormone is T4) that controls various important factors, such as-

  • Body Weight
  • Body Temperature
  • Muscle Strength
  • Nervous System

Irregular T3 levels in the blood can cause various health issues and thus we must keep monitoring the T3 level often. More serious health concerns like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can be controlled with a constant observation of the T3 level in our blood.

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About Tri-Iodothyronine Total

Why Is TT3 Test Done?

The T3 hormone comes in two forms:

  • Bound T3, which is attached to protein
  • Free T3, which has no attachment to anything

A test that determines both free and bound T3 is known as a total T3 test. If the T3 level in the blood is not normal, it can be a symptom of thyroid disease.
The total T3 test is predominantly done to diagnose hyperthyroidism, a disease that is related to the overproduction of thyroid hormone.
Now let us see the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

  • Anxiety
  • Hair loss
  • Shaky hands
  • Bulging eyes
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Weight loss
  • Sleeping issues

The slightest T3 imbalance can lead to grim health concerns that need immediate testing.

What Does TT3 Test Measure?

As the name suggests, TT3 tests determine the level of T3 hormone or tri-iodothyronine in our blood. The full form of the test is the Total T3 test, in short, the T3 test. However, the T3 hormone is intricately linked to the T4 hormone and TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Therefore, doctors often prescribe T3 and T4 tests together with TSH tests. All these tests are related to thyroid and TT3 particularly can give a clear picture of hyperthyroidism.

  • Typically, a blood sample is collected from the patient’s body to test the T3 level.
  • If someone was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism earlier and is taking medicine, he or she should refrain from taking medicines immediately before the T3 test (subject to your health practitioner’s recommendation).
  • An antibody test can be done to ascertain existing underlying ailments like Hashimoto’s disease or Grave’s disease which could be indicative of thyroid.
Risk/ Side Effects Of TT3 Test

TT3 tests are completely risk-free. TT3 tests are performed to ascertain various ailments caused by T3 hormonal disorder (overproduction or underproduction of T3 hormone) within a human body. In case you are still searching for “TT3 tests near me”, offers you complete support for TT3 test in Faridabad .


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What happens during a TT3 test?

A veteran phlebotomist will take a blood sample from a selected vein in your arm, using a small needle. The sample is collected in a test tube or vial to send that to the laboratory for analysis. The process is absolutely risk-free.

How should I prepare for a TT3 test?

There is no such hard and fast rule to follow before a TT3 test. However, in case T3 disorder was diagnosed earlier and you are under medication, you should not take the prescribed medicine immediately before the blood collection.


Is there anything else I need to know about a T3 test?

Thyroid changes can take place during pregnancy. You should be in constant touch with your healthcare provider during pregnancy and if the T3 level falls or rises sharply, you should go for a TT3 test.

Interpreting TT3 Test Results

Interpreting TT3 Test Results

The thyroid is a persistent health concern. It tends to relapse. However, you can raise or reduce T3 levels with proper medication. Total T3 tests measure the level of both types of T3, free and bound. The normal level of Total T3 in our body is 75–195 ng/dl. This value is taken as the standard in TT3 tests.

The following table will reveal more information on the same.

Name of the Test Result Inference
Total T3 Test Greater than is 75–195 ng/dl
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Thyroid Cancer
Total T3 Test Less than 75–195 ng/dl
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Underactive Thyroid

In case of high or low T3 levels, doctors prescribe drugs and medicines to simulate normal functions. There is no absolute cure for thyroid conditions but things can be kept pretty much under control with timely diagnosis and proper medication.

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