Arsenic - Urine Test In Jalandhar

Arsenic - Urine Test In Jalandhar

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Arsenic is a chemical that is present in the environment due to the regular human activity taking place around naturally and is commonly found in air, soil and food. They are harmful to the body, especially if organic. With the help of an arsenic urine test in Jalandhar, doctors can easily determine the exposure of arsenic for a patient and the level of contamination within the body to draw out the right diagnosis and treatment plan to prevent future damage.

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About Arsenic - Urine Test

Why Is The Arsenic - Urine Test Done?

One of the main reasons why an arsenic urine test in Jalandhar or any other city is performed is to observe the level of arsenic exposure within the body of a patient to see the level of toxicity. This is necessary as an accurate and early diagnosis is very crucial to decide the right treatment plan and strategy to keep the patient healthy.

According to medical experts, diseases due to high levels of arsenic in the body have a long latency period and so the symptoms might not be symptomatic for a long while before coming to the surface. However, with the help of the arsenic urine test in Jalandhar, doctors can see the intensity of the exposure, time since the exposure, the root cause behind the exposure, etc., to successfully draw out the right conclusion and correct identification of the root source causing the excessive contamination of arsenic within the body of a patient.

What Does The Arsenic - Urine Test Measure?

Other than finding out the most cost-effective arsenic urine test price in your location, it is important to know the exact reason and measurement metrics for an arsenic urine test in Jalandhar. If you are looking for an arsenic urine test near me, the main reason why this is a common type of cost prescribed by doctors, especially for people who work in industrial areas or factories is to measure the level of arsenic in the body. There are multiple different sources of arsenic that can contact your body and collect inside, especially consumption of seafood, as everyone who eats seafood has a certain level of arsenic present in the body.

However, if the level of arsenic is very high on your next arsenic urine test in Jalandhar, you need to get medical assistance to ensure it does not pose any serious harm to your body without your knowledge. In addition to that, as it can increase the possibility of certain cancers for the patients, it is highly advisable to be aware of the different possible symptoms of high levels of inorganic arsenic to be safe.

Risk/Side Effects Of The Arsenic - Urine Test

Most patients who have been prescribed an arsenic urine test in Jalandhar or any other part of the country are concerned about two key things, the potential arsenic urine test cost and the risks or side effects involved in the medical procedure. The only requirement from the patient to complete an arsenic urine test is with the help of a patient’s urine sample. This does not require any invasion of the body of the patient and so poses no risk or side effects to complete the medical process for the test.


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One of the most convenient and efficient home collection services for any type of test is provided by The idea behind these services is to bridge the gap between patients and medical assistance by providing solutions with online booking and home sample collection.

Pick a test you wish to give your sample for and complete the online booking in just a few quick steps to have an expert come to your location to take your sample, whether blood or urine and then drive it to the lab for further testing. In addition to that, you can also choose the time of report delivery as per your availability.




Can the source of arsenic in the body be identified easily with the help of an arsenic urine test in Jalandhar?

The main intention behind participating in this task is to evaluate the level of arsenic and the root cause behind. However, it is not guaranteed that the test will always identify the main source of exposure to arsenic and further testing can be recommended.

Is it okay if my body has high levels of organic arsenic?

Both organic as well as inorganic arsenic forms leave the body easily through the urine. However, organic arsenic tends to remain in the body for months or even longer in certain situations but organic arsenic usually leaves the body within several days so there is no health concern.

What are some of the symptoms indicating high levels of arsenic?

Some of the common symptoms include abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, muscle cramping, etc.

 Interpreting Arsenic - Urine Test Results

Interpreting Arsenic - Urine Test Results

Other than being concerned about the potential arsenic urine test price or cost in your city, it is crucial to have the necessary knowledge to help you read your test results for your next arsenic urine test in Jalandhar. This helps you be more prepared for any treatment plan suggested by the doctor while keeping you informed throughout. Here are some pointers I can help you read your next arsenic urine test in Jalandhar with ease.

  • If the test results indicate a level less than or equal to 50 mcg/L, it is considered to be the normal level acceptable for the body.
  • If the test results indicate a level greater than 50 but less than 200 mcg/L, it is on a higher level than what is still considered to be a normal range, but is normal, especially for people who regularly consume seafood as it is a direct source of arsenic for the body.
  • If the test results indicate a level greater or equal to 200 mcg/L, it is considered to be on the higher side which can be toxic for the body and can cause multiple diseases, and disorders and increase your chances of cancer.
Results Potential Diagnosis
Less than equal to 50 mcg/L Normal range
>50 but <200 mcg/L Higher side of normal range
Greater or equal to 200 mcg/L High, medical assistance recommended


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