Arthritis Tests In Jalandhar

Arthritis Tests In Jalandhar

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Arthritis, in Layman’s terms, is referred to as ‘joint pain’. Arthritis is in fact tenderness and swelling of one or more joints that cause acute pain in the joints. The disease worsens with age. Arthritis can be broadly categorized into two forms – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In the case of osteoarthritis, the cartilages are damaged and as a result, movement of joints becomes extremely painful. On the other hand, in rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system of the body attacks the coating of the joint capsule, a strong membrane that enfolds all the joint parts. This membrane (synovial) becomes inflamed and swollen in the case of rheumatoid arthritis If you also experience such pain, you should consider arthritis tests in Jalandhar. Some of the symptoms of arthritis are:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Decreased range of motion

Arthritis is at times inherited from family and women are more susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis. Obesity and bone injury are also the most frequent reasons for arthritis.

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About Arthritis Tests

Why Is Arthritis Testing Important?

An arthritis test is predominantly done to determine the type of arthritis one has. Arthritis is found most commonly in the following areas of our body:

  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Lower back

Now you can easily understand that the vital body parts are affected by arthritis and if not treated early, it will cause you greater issues. For instance, if left untreated for a long time, arthritis can restrict your physical movements. This in turn will arouse certain other issues including obesity, diabetes, psychological issues, etc.

However, if arthritis is diagnosed at an early stage, it can be treated to restrict its severity. Make a note that arthritis is a disease that has no permanent cure. Therefore, medication and physical exercises help check the spreading of arthritis.

How Is Arthritis Test Performed?

Arthritis test is done in many ways. The blood test is applicable only in the case of rheumatoid arthritis and gout. In other words, the blood test determines the uric acid concentration in the blood. The result of this test confirms rheumatoid arthritis and gout. However, the other types of arthritis cannot be determined via a blood test.

The preliminary tests performed by a doctor to check for arthritis are:

  • Assessing flexibility and range of movement in your joints
  • Checking for areas of swelling or tenderness around your joints.

In many cases, imaging exams are performed to confirm arthritis. The imaging exams include X-Ray, MRI, CT scan and USG (ultrasonography) tests. These tests reveal the following information:

  • Dislocation in and around joints that causes the trouble
  • Cartilage breakdown around bone joints (best for osteoarthritis issues)
  • Ligament, muscle and tendon injuries that may lead to arthritis
  • Inflammation of softer tissues is a key symptom of arthritis.

If you feel uncomfortable during movements or sense pain around the bone joints, consult a doctor and go through tests immediately to avoid further complications.

Arthritis Tests In Jalandhar

A bulk of various tests performed daily are arthritis tests. In fact, arthritis tests in Jalandhar are one of the most common tests performed for elderly people and women. The modern lifestyle makes us sit in front of a computer which restricts physical movement. To stay fit and healthy and obviously to keep arthritis at bay, one must ensure to work out regularly. However, the lack of physical movements and obesity throw us to the verge of the cursed disease.

If you see the symptoms of arthritis as discussed above, it is high time that you see a doctor. There are certain rules related to arthritis tests, particularly the uric acid test to determine gout and rheumatoid arthritis. You must follow the rules of the tests for an accurate result.


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Is arthritis a fatal disease?

Arthritis may not be fatal in itself but the health issues it causes may lead to grave clinical conditions. First of all, arthritis restricts your body movement which leads to obesity. Obesity is the other of all health concerns. Therefore, arthritis indirectly causes more threatening health issues.

Is Arthritis curable?

Arthritis has no permanent solution. Having said that, we must tell you arthritis can be kept under control if it is diagnosed early. Arthritis can be treated with medication depending on the type and stage of arthritis. Although it does not fade away entirely, you can keep a check on the disease by regular check-ups and treatments.

Are arthritis tests harmful to us?

Arthritis is diagnosed in two broad ways – one through a blood test and the other through imaging exams such as X-Ray, MRI USG, etc. Both types are absolutely safe for you.

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Steps To Book An Arthritis Test For Home Collection In Jalandhar

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