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Book DHEA Test in Jalandhar

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DHEA is a male sex hormone that plays an essential role in making the quantity of testosterone inside the body as well as the female sex hormone – estrogen. The DHEA test is generally done in case of excessive hair growth, development of any masculine features in women, menstrual irregularities (or infertility), testicles or ovaries’ disorder, check on the working of the adrenal gland, and check for reasons of early puberty. DHEA levels tend to decrease inside men and women as they age.

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About DHEA Test

Why is the DHEA test done?

The reasons as to why DHEA tests are done include the following (in females):

  • Excess facial or bodily hair
  • Acne
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Infertility

The reasons as to why DHEA tests are done (in males) include the following:

  • Signs of early puberty (moustache or deep voice)
  • Testicular disorder

The reasons as to why DHEA tests are done (in babies) include the following:

  • Ambiguous external genitalia in the baby (not well-defined)

The test is also done to monitor the working of adrenal glands inside the body (they need to work properly in order to avoid hormonal discomforts). The test is necessary and should be done right away.

What does the DHEA test measure?

Since DHEA is a major sex hormone that is found in males and females, the DHEA test measures the level of DHEA inside the body. DHEA is essential for developing secondary reproductive features of the body. It is present inside males as well as females but in smaller quantities. DHEA gets converted to testosterone inside males while it transforms to estrogen inside females.

For the proper function of the adrenal gland, the adequate production of DHEA is important. In the case of adrenal tumours (be it cancerous or non-cancerous) or adrenal hyperplasia, the level of DHEA produced is higher. In rarer cases, estrogenal cancer can occur inside females.

DHEA is an extremely important component of the reproductive system. Any fluctuations in the level of DHEA can lead to severe problems inside the body. It is important to get the tests prescribed done right away and start taking the cure for the imbalance inside the body.

Risk/Side-effects of DHEA test

There are no major risks as such when it comes to the DHEA test. In rare cases, however, there might be some pain and bruising in the part where the needle was injected. There might be swelling of the veins or infection at the puncture site of the needle. These side-effects can easily be avoided by taking extra precaution during the blood-taking process. These symptoms fade away quickly, so there is nothing to worry about. Get tested right away!


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Are there any risks involved?

There are minor risks of any injuries or side-effects due to this test.

How is the sample taken?

The blood is taken from the arm. The area is cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and blood is taken precisely by the technician.

Is it safe to order sample collection service from

Yes,’s medical assistants and technicians are highly experienced and take all the safety precautions to collect the sample.

Why is this test important?

DHEA measures the levels of sex hormones that are present in a patient’s body and helps in giving direction to many treatments.

 Interpreting the DHEA test results

Interpreting the DHEA test results

These tables can be followed for interpreting the DHEA test results:

Age (Years) Males (ug/dL) Females (ug/dL)
11-14 16.60 – 242.70 8.60 – 169.80 
15-19 45.10 – 385.00 61.20 – 493.60
20-24 238.40 – 539.30 134.20 – 407.40
25-34 167.90 – 591.90 95.80 – 511.70
35-44 139.70 – 484.40 74.80 – 410.20
45-54 136.20 – 447.60 56.20 – 282.90
55-64 48.60 – 361.80 29.70 – 182.20
65-70 228.50 – 283.60 33.60 – 78.90



Age Children (ug/dL)
< 1 week 24.60 – 302.80
1 – 4 weeks 8.50 – 317.30
1 – 12 months 31.60 – 214.10
1 – 4 years 32.70 – 276.00
5 – 10 years 24.40 – 209.70

These are the recommended levels of DHEA that should be inside the body. If there is any discrepancy in this (whether the level is higher or lower), immediate treatment needs to begin to rectify this. Contact a doctor immediately after the test.

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Steps to book a DHEA test home collection in Jalandhar

Since labs are busy with various tests happening around the clock, the best way to save time and get instant reception of results is to choose a home collection service.
It is very easy to book a DHEA test home collection in Jalandhar. The DHEA test price in Jalandhar is around Rs. 700 at government-approved labs. The websites of testing labs should contain the booking details or number to contact for the home collection to be done in Jalandhar.
Check the sites which are perfectly suited for your needs and are offering reasonable prices. Google “DHEA test near me,” and you will find all the details that you’re looking for.

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