Cadmium Test In Jalandhar

Cadmium Test In Jalandhar

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Cadmium is an element that is found in abundance around us since it has multiple usages. From battery manufacturing to soldering and forming alloys, cadmium has found its usage in both industrial and household purposes.

However, this particular metal is of no use to the human body. Although we require certain minerals along with nutrients, cadmium is not one of them. Therefore, a small amount of cadmium inside our system could be highly toxic.

  • Inhaling cadmium vapor causes irritation in the nasal tract, chest pain, infection, fever, cough, weakness and may lead to cerebral issues as well.
  • Consuming cadmium has highly poisonous effects on the human body and these symptoms show up almost immediately.

Cadmium test is a blood test that is carried out to detect cadmium in our body. If traces of cadmium are found, early treatment must be administered to keep serious health hazards at bay.

Due to our exposure to various industrial facilities on a daily basis, people in Jalandhar are always vulnerable to cadmium poisoning. This is a process that happens almost unwittingly, especially if you are leading an urban life for a long time. has brought some great news for you. With a highly developed lab set-up, is working hand in hand with some of the finest technicians and doctors in the country. The Cadmium test in Jalandhar has thus become simpler and hassle-free, with a guarantee of generating timely and accurate reports.

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Why Is The Cadmium Test Done?

As we have already mentioned, a little amount of cadmium could be highly poisonous to us. Cadmium poisoning may also take place if you come in contact with contaminated water. There is a specific incident in Japan where cadmium poisoning broke out as a result of brainless dumping of factory wastes into the river. The disease is notoriously known as Itai-Itai (translated as ‘it hurts -it hurts).

Cadmium poisoning has varied symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Uncontrollable cough
  • Chest pain
  • Infection of the nasal and alimentary
  • tract
  • Fever
  • Severe headache
  • Sore throat.

This could even be fatal if a person is exposed to cadmium for a longer time. Consuming cadmium too has its harmful effects on internal organs. However, the liver and kidneys are the most vulnerable organs when it comes to cadmium poisoning.

Therefore, a cadmium test is done to ensure there is no trace of cadmium inside our bodies. If you have come in contact with cadmium recently, it is better to take the test even if there is no symptom.

What Does Cadmium Test Measure?
  • As the name suggests, the key factor measured in the test is the presence of cadmium in our bodies.
  • Often the pulmonary duct is affected by cadmium poisoning and a chest X-ray is done to confirm pulmonary edema.
  • In case the patient has consumed cadmium, hepatic and renal tests are carried out to diagnose the liver and kidneys.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Cadmium Test

Cadmium tests are regular blood tests that determine the presence of cadmium in our bodies. The test is absolutely risk-free and has no side effects. Besides, you can take the test any time of the day, without fasting. A cadmium urine test is also available which is even more painless since no needle needs to be inserted and blood to be drawn.

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How can I avoid cadmium poisoning?

Cadmium is a metal that has found its usage in various fronts, be it industrial or domestic. Therefore, we come in contact with cadmium more often than we think. However, stay hydrated and clean as much as possible, keep your surroundings hygienic and above all treat wastes properly. These are some of the daily habits that can prevent cadmium poisoning.

What are the general cadmium tests?

Cadmium test is by and large a blood test. However, you can opt for the urine test as well. To diagnose chest infection due to cadmium poisoning, specialists prefer a full chest X-Ray. Hepatic and renal tests are also frequently carried out for cadmium consumption.

Is the cadmium test a routine check-up?

No, a cadmium test is not a routine check-up. However, if you are exposed to cadmium due to professional demands, you must take the test more often even if there are no symptoms and you have taken all the precautions. Otherwise, you must consult a doctor if symptoms of cadmium poisoning show up and then take the cadmium test.

 Interpreting Cadmium Test Results

Interpreting Cadmium Test Results

Usually, there should be no cadmium in our bodies. But owing to our exposure to cadmium on a daily basis, a small amount of cadmium unwittingly mixes with our system. The normal value of cadmium is less than 5.0 nanogram/ milliliter of blood. Please refer to the table below for a detailed understanding of the test result interpretation.

Test Result Interpretation
0.5 – 2.0 ng/ mL There is no imminent risk of cadmium poisoning
2.0 – 5.0 ng/ mL The value is just on the borderline and the patient must be careful of the situation
Higher than 5.0 ng/ mL


The reading is much above normal values and considered to be threatening

In case the value crosses 50ng/ mL, it is considered to be acute cadmium poisoning.

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Steps To Book A Cadmium Test For Home Collection In Jalandhar

Cadmium is not metabolized and thus it has no nutritional usage. Cadmium does not boost our immunity as well. A negligible amount of cadmium as mentioned in the table above is still okay, but anything beyond that leads to cadmium poisoning which is fatal. Cadmium is also found in cigarettes and other substances. Therefore, you must avoid these substances to stay safe and cadmium-free.

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