Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test In Jalandhar

Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test In Jalandhar

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If you are advised by a doctor to take a GFR test in Jalandhar but you are unsure about the meaning behind the test, a glomerular filtration rate test also known as the GFR test is a type of blood test that is done to test the functionality of your kidney. There are tiny filters present in the kidney called the glomeruli that are responsible to remove the excess waste and fluid from the kidneys. When you participate in a GFR test, you also find out the amount of blood that passes through these tiny filters each minute.

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About GFR Test

Why Is the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test Done?

One of the most common reasons why a GFR test is done is to diagnose the presence of any type of kidney disease during its early stages to prescribe the best treatment possible for recovery. Along with this, a patient with an existing kidney disorder can also take a GFR test in Jalandhar to see the amount of damage and the speed of recovery.

There are some common reasons why doctors prescribe a GFR test and they include increased risk factors of family history of kidney disorders, extremely high blood pressure, high sugar levels, etc. If you are not sure of the symptoms for which you should take a GFR test, consult a doctor if you experience too much for too little urination, random muscle cramps, nausea, etc.

What Does Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test Measure?

As the name suggests, with the help of a GFR test in Jalandhar, you can measure the following-

  • Performance of your kidneys that contributes to the cleanliness of the blood flowing in your body.
  • People participate in a GFR test if they experience some symptoms that include color change of urine, pain around the kidneys, random swelling around the belly, eyes, ankles, or wrist, etc.
  • It also indicates the level of blood that passes through the kidney filters every minute to see whether the organ is working properly.

In simple words, a GFR test measures the performance of your kidney in circulating clean blood around your body parts.

It is not always a reliable method to test the presence of kidney disease or disorder but a GFR test is considered to be the most accurate indication of the overall functional ability of the kidney. Age and gender both play a vital role in the overall glomerular filtration rate in the kidneys.

Risk/Side Effects Of Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test

A GFR test is usually completed by collecting the blood sample from the patient for testing. Now, as the blood sample collection is not an invasive procedure, the potential side-effects or risks involved are close to nothing. Some people might complain of feeling dizzy or lightheaded as soon as the blood is drawn from the vein, some might experience soreness and light bruising but all of this fades away very quickly. Other than this, the procedure is safe and does not involve any underlying risks to the patient.


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For anyone who wants to get a GFR test done, having the option of a home collection service is a blessing. With the help of various’s home collection services for a range of disease detection tests, you can lay off the burden of commuting to a lab to get the sample tested. Just book online with and choose the time and location as per your convenience to enjoy quick home collection services. Once you complete the booking when export is sent to your location for sample collection. It is that easy so try today.



What is the GFR test cost in Jalandhar?

If you are looking for a GFR test near me, it is important to know the GFR test price which ranges from a minimum of Rs. 130 to a maximum of Rs. 500, depending on your location and city of residence.


What are some of the common factors that can affect the GFR test results?

Out of all the possible reasons, your gender, age, and history of your health and well-being are the key possible factors that can have an impact on your GFR test results.


Are there any preparation tips before I go for my GFR Test?

According to doctors, it is advisable to fast for a certain period before the test or avoid certain food items as it might interfere with the GFR test results. However, always consult your doctor before going in for the test for the right preparation tips.

Interpreting Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test Results

Interpreting Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test Results

If you’re wondering what is more important than finding out the possible GFR test price when you are looking for a GFR test near me, it is the ability to understand the test results once the sample is collected. So, if you are looking for a GFR test or have already given the sample for this task, here is what you know about the possible results. The functionality of the kidney is measured by the GFR number and so if the kidney has any type of disorder or disease, the GFR number goes down accordingly based on the intensity.

  • For any individual, a GFR test result of 60 or higher is considered to be the normal range.
  • If an individual gets a score below 60, it can mean that the person is suffering from a type of kidney disease.
  • If the GFR test results indicate a value of 15 or lower, it might mean the highest possibility of kidney failure for the patient
Condition GFR
Normal range 60
Kidney disease Below 60
Kidney failure Below 15


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Steps To Book A Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Test For Home Collection In Jalandhar

If you are looking for a GFR near me, the best way to pace your research is to book online. Multiple benefits of booking online include increased convenience and safety.

So, if you wish to book online, begin with selecting a time slot between the available timings from 6 AM to 9 PM as per your schedule. Post this, the next step is to choose a lab that is nearest to your current location to finalize the booking. Now, sit back and wait for an expert to come and take your blood sample at home for a GFR test.


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