Master Health Checkup Package In Jalandhar

Master Health Checkup Package In Jalandhar

Given the lifestyle people lead today, contracting diseases or activating some genetic condition is not an uncommon scenario. Not eating on time or relying completely on junk food can cause various abnormalities in the body. If not detected earlier, these issues can become life-threatening.

Doctors often prescribe a master health checkup in Jalandhar to ensure people stay well-informed about their health conditions and to prevent relapses if the person suffers from any infections. The master health checkup price will depend on the number of tests chosen, hence proper consultation from a doctor is essential.

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About Master Health Checkup Package

How the Master Health Checkup Package can help you

Irrespective of age or gender, people can become susceptible to various diseases. The recent covid-19 pandemic reiterated this lesson. People with lower immunity became prone to contracting the disease. People with potential hereditary conditions have to keep track of their health to avoid flaring up of the same. Breast cancer for example can be hereditary. But, if detected early, treatment can help the person recover sooner.

A master health checkup consists of detailed tests that check for various factors to pinpoint the presence of even traces of a disease. It is advised that people over 30 years of age should opt for a routine master health checkup nearbyto help detect abnormalities in the person’s health.


Master Health Checkup test preparation/instructions

The master health checkup consists of tests that would require both blood and urine samples from the person. For this test, it is better to observe fasting for at least 8 hours prior to the sample collection procedure.

Certain medications can affect the results by either lowering the levels or increasing them. For people already on medications or actively taking vitamin supplements, consulting a doctor before opting for a master health checkup will help understand the effects of the medication on test results and if these medications should be stopped for a while.

Tests included in the Master Health Checkup Package

A total of 62 tests (single and panel) are included in the master health checkup package. These tests provide a comprehensive understanding of the person’s health. The tests are:

  • Urine routine and microscope that includes
  • Glucose
  • Hemogram or complete blood count
  • Total thyroid profile
  • Lipid profile
  • Cholesterol total
  • Liver function test
  • Kidney function test
  • Protein total

Why Choose’s Home Collection Service? provides accurate and empathic collection services for home collection of samples. They keep a soft copy of the test results so that patients can get rid of fumbling through multiple documentation when visiting a doctor. also offers competitive master health checkup cost and their multiple empaneled laboratories make the master health checkup an easy task.

For people looking to book hassle-free and flexible master health checkups in Jalandhar, look no further than They offer daily booking slots and their certified team of phlebotomists ensures painless sample collection. Visit’s website to learn more.




Why is lipid profile essential?

The lipid profile is needed to understand the cholesterol levels and if any hormones are causing buildup.

The urine routine consists of what tests?

The urine routine test is a panel test that examines the urine on the basis of its appearance and if any casts or particles are present.

Can bone diseases be detected?

The master health package do help with early detection of bone diseases.


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Steps To Book Master Health Checkup Package Home Collection In Jalandhar

Booking a home collection of samples for the master health checkup in Jalandhar can be done by simply going on the Internet and searching for a master health checkup near me. The test consists of multiple panels and single tests that would require different samples.

The samples for urine and blood should be collected as per the instructions of the lab technician or a doctor. People who are already suffering from pre-existing conditions should let their doctors and technicians know about it. This will help ensure result accuracy.

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