Rubella Virus IGG Test In Jalandhar

Rubella Virus IGG Test In Jalandhar

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Our innate immune system tends to create an antibody against harmful foreign particles in our body known as an antigen. Antibody prevents various infections, ailments and diseases. Rubella virus, also called German measles is an antigen that instigates our immune system to develop antibodies against it. The most common symptoms of rubella virus infection are:

  • Low-grade fever
  • Headache
  • Swollen and enlarged lymph nodes
  • Mild pink eye (redness or swelling of the white of the eye)
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • General discomfort

In the Rubella IGG test, a blood sample is tested to ascertain the presence of rubella antibody (IgM). If a Rubella antibody is found, it is concluded that the person was recently infected by the virus or has a past record of the infection.To diagnose, a Rubella IGG Test in Jalandhar is generally recommended by doctors.

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Rubella Virus IGG Test In Jalandhar

Why Is the Rubella IGG Test Done?

Rubella IGG tests are quite common and fall within the regular check-up. The key reasons to go for the Rubella IGG test are:

  • To detect whether a woman who is or expects to become pregnant is immune to rubella
  • To diagnose a past or a recent infection caused by the rubella virus (presence of IgM antibodies implies to recent infection)
  • To discover whether a person is vaccinated against rubella virus
  • To find out whether health practitioners who are in touch with pregnant women regularly are vaccinated for rubella

A health specialist who is yet to take the vaccine for the rubella virus should take the vaccine immediately to avert the risk of spreading the rubella virus to an expecting woman.

What Does Rubella IGG Test Measure?

Any viral test measures the presence of a particular antibody (against that specific antigen/ virus). For instance, malaria or dengue test is a common test that confirms the antibody in our bloodstream. Similarly, the rubella IGG test confirms the presence of rubella antibody or IgM in our blood.

  • If a person was infected by rubella long ago, the IgM antibody test may show negative (i.e. the antibody is absent)
  • Generally, rubella antibody stays within our blood for years
  • Rubella may not be severe in most cases, however, for pregnant women, it could be threatening as the virus passed on from the pregnant mother to the fetus
  • Rubella caused during delivery or birth is extremely dangerous as is known as Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS)
Risk/ Side Effects Of Rubella IGG Test

Rubella IGG tests are entirely risk-free. Rubella IGG tests are performed to confirm the presence of the IgM antibody (antibody against rubella virus) in our bloodstream. The virus does not pose as a threatening factor as Novel Coronavirus however pregnant women should take precautions against rubella to avoid CRS.

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How should I prepare for the Rubella IGG test?

Rubella IGG test is a normal blood test that requires no special preparation. Unlike diabetes, this is a non-fasting blood test that you can take after having food and drinks.


What is the usual Rubella IGG test price?

Rubella IGG test cost is quite affordable. Depending on the location, the Rubella IGG test price varies from INR 200 to INR 300.


I haven’t taken the rubella virus vaccine. Should I take it now?

Rubella vaccine has no side effects and can be taken at any time under the guidance of a specialist. Always consult a doctor who will examine your current health conditions and will then prescribe you to take the rubella vaccine.

 Interpreting Rubella IGG Test Results

Interpreting Rubella IGG Test Results

Rubella IGG test is done through a blood test as the strain of IgM antibody can be found in the bloodstream. The result could either be positive or negative. Please refer to the following table for a better understanding-

Test Result          Inference
+ve (Positive)
  • Rubella IGG positive is a good sign.
  • It means you already have the IgM antibody in your blood and is protected against rubella virus.
-ve (Negative)
  • Rubella IGG negative implies the fact that you are not immune to rubella.
  • Women who are pregnant or want to conceive with a rubella IGG negative must consult a doctor.
  • If the health practitioner suggests, taking rubella vaccine could be a wise decision.

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Steps To Book A Rubella IGG Test For Home Collection In Jalandhar

Rubella IGG tests are done via blood tests. With mild measles-like symptoms, viral infection due to rubella is quite common in Jalandhar. For blood sample collection at home, you can get in touch with to send a veteran phlebotomist to your address who will collect the blood sample. The home collection sample is then taken to the laboratory for testing. The Rubella IGG test is a normal non-fasting blood test.

Unlike diabetes blood tests, you can eat and drink as usual before the Rubella IGG blood test. Let take the onus of your concerns and will ensure that the issues are well-addressed. Furthermore, helps you manage your medical history, from testing to generating reports, is your one-stop medical help. If you are looking for “Rubella IGG tests near me”, is the perfect solution for you. is just a click away.

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