Torch 4 Profile (IgM) Test in Jalandhar

Torch 4 Profile (IgM) Test in Jalandhar

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Torch 4 profile (IgM) refers to toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex and other infections. The test is done for checking these infections in pregnant women and newborns.

Read further to know more about the torch 4 profile IgM test in Jalandhar, including its price and cost, preparation, understanding test results, etc.

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About torch 4 profile (IgM) test

Why is the torch 4 profile (IgM) test done?

The torch 4 profile (IgM) test is done to detect or screen pregnant women for infections that can cause problems during maternity, including miscarriages. The diseases can cross the placenta, which can result in their transmission from the mother to the foetus. Since the newborn’s immune system is not yet properly developed, he/she can experience several defects, such as seizures, cardiovascular problems, jaundice, chickenpox, thrombocytopenia, hearing loss, vision impairment, intellectual disability, etc. Thus, the growth and development of the baby gets hampered.

What does the torch 4 profile (IgM) test measure?

The torch 4 profile (IgM) test measures the immunoglobulin-M (IgM) antibodies produced by our immune system against infections. IgM antibodies develop when one has an acute infection. These provide us protection against the diseases for a short time.

Toxoplasmosis: Toxoplasma gondii is the parasite responsible for causing toxoplasmosis. It enters into our body through the mouth and is present in cat faeces, raw meat, eggs and goat milk. The foetus can get the infection from his/her mother and be asymptomatic for many years after being born. The symptoms that can occur later include seizures, hearing problems, intellectual disability, vision impairment, etc.

Rubella: It is a virus which is also known as German measles. It is characterised by the appearance of red rashes on the body. There is usually no adverse harm caused by the disease in children. However, the foetus can develop some serious problems related to the heart and eyes.

Cytomegalovirus: It is a part of the herpesviridae family. The virus does not cause much harm to adults. However, it may lead to mental retardation, hearing problems and seizure disorder in a foetus.

Herpes Simplex: Herpes simplex virus 1 causes herpes labialis in adults. On the other hand, herpes simplex virus 2 causes the sexually transmitted disease, genital herpes. A foetus can get HSV at the time of delivery. It can lead to serious problems in the infant, such as dyspnea, brain injuries, seizures, etc.

Other infections: These include syphilis, hepatitis B and C, HIV, enterovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, mumps, measles, chickenpox, and primate erythroparvovirus 1.

Risks/side effects of torch 4 profile (IgM) test

No side effects are associated with a torch 4 profile (IgM) test, although, for a few days, some pain might be felt in the area from where the blood is taken using a needle. Covering it with a bandaid reduces the chances of an infection.


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When is the torch 4 profile (IgM) test performed?

A torch 4 profile (IgM) test is performed during prenatal visits. It can also be done when a pregnant woman or a newborn is showing the symptoms associated with the infections that are detected using this test.

How to prepare for the torch 4 profile (IgM) test?

There are no preparations required for the torch 4 profile (IgM) test. However, do inform your doctor about the medicines that you are intaking before the test, since these can impact your test results. If required, you might be asked to not consume anything a couple of hours before the test.

How is the torch 4 profile (IgM) test performed?

A torch 4 profile (IgM) test is done by withdrawing a blood sample from your vein through the use of a needle. It can be performed at a preferred clinic, hospital, or a laboratory. Home test sample collection facilities are also available.

What are the parameters and other tests included in the torch 4 profile (IgM) test?
  • Toxoplasma IgM antibodies
  • Rubella IgM antibodies
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgM
  • Herpes simplex virus 1 & 2 lgM
Interpreting torch 4 profile (IgM) test results

Interpreting torch 4 profile (IgM) test results

A positive torch 4 profile (IgM) test result indicates the presence of the antibodies produced against the infections in your blood. It can signify a recent or current infection or that you have been vaccinated against the diseases.

A negative torch 4 profile (IgM) test result indicates the absence of the antibodies produced against the infections in your blood. This also means that you have not got vaccinated against the diseases and have not got infected in the past.

Depending on your results, the doctor can further advise more tests for confirmation. A treatment plan can also be suggested.

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