Widal Test in Jalandhar

Widal Test in Jalandhar

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Widal test is a blood test that helps in diagnosing enteric fever (typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever), which is caused by consuming contaminated food and drinks. The serum agglutination test is a part of the widal test. People with typhoid fever have homologous antibodies present in their blood. The widal test is performed by using either the slide method or the test tube method.

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About widal test

Why is the widal test done?

A widal test is done if you develop the following symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Rashes
  • Dry cough
  • Headache
What does a widal test measure?

The widal test is used for detecting antibodies in the blood against two antigens (O & H) of Salmonella enterica, the typhoid-causing bacteria. Agglutination refers to the clumping of particles that happens when an antigen gets mixed with its antibody. When this test is done using a slide, it is called slide agglutination. Similarly, when it is done using a test tube, it is called tube agglutination. Generally, tube agglutination is used more frequently than slide agglutination in the widal test. Apart from Salmonella Typhi antigens “H” and “O”, S. Paratyphi antigen “H” is used in this test.

One week after developing the typhoid fever, the antibodies against Salmonella antigens “O” and “H” usually appear in the serum. Another widal test can be done 7-10 days after the first one to examine the levels of antibodies.

Risks/side effects of widal test

No side effects are associated with a widal test, although, for a few days, some pain might be felt in the area from where the blood is taken using a needle.


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When is the widal test performed?

The widal test is performed to check for enteric fever (typhoid and paratyphoid fever).

How to prepare for the widal test?

There are usually no preparations required for the widal test. However, before the test, for accurate diagnosis, do inform your doctor if you have ever contracted typhoid fever before, come in contact with someone who has the fever, or got vaccinated against the same. Also, do let him/her know if you have ever gotten infected with malaria as well.

How is the widal test performed?

A widal test is done by withdrawing a blood sample from your vein through the use of a needle. It can be performed at a preferred clinic, hospital, or a laboratory. Home test sample collection facilities are also available.

Interpreting the widal test results

Interpreting the widal test results

Reference Range: If the widal test result for antigen O and antigen H is greater than or equal to 1:80, it means that you have typhoid fever.

  • If anti-Salmonella antibodies are present in the blood, they will cause a reaction with the antigen in the substance that acts as a catalyst. This will result in slide agglutination.
  • Serum samples having O agglutination titer of 1:80 or higher and an H agglutination titer of 1:160 or higher signify current typhoid infection.
  • A visible rise in titers in the two blood tests done after a gap period of 10 days indicates typhoid infection.
  • History of previous ailments with typhoid infection can influence your widal test results. Immunization against the fever can also do the same. The widal test is more effective if the previous encounter with the infection was short or in control.
  • Some other tests can be done for diagnosing typhoid fever. If the widal test report is negative, the blood culture test report will be positive in the first week of the infection. Another test, typhidot, can also be used within one week of the appearance of the symptoms. In this, a person’s serum sample is taken.

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