Women Health Checkup Package In Jalandhar

Women Health Checkup Package In Jalandhar

Women help balance society while ensuring the continuation of the human species. Being the partner who carries and nourishes a new human within her for 9 months, women have to be physically and mentally strong. While family support can help women gain mental and physical strength, their physical well-being should be taken care of via a routine women’s health checkup in Jalandhar. The women’s health checkup package pricing can differ given the tests chosen, but the basic tests can be found at every diagnostic center.

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About Women Health Checkup Package

How the Women Health Checkup Package can help you

Being considered the backbone of society, women carry a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. This leads to women often neglecting their overall health which can cause complications as they grow older.

Some diseases are genetic and some affect only women. There are some conditions for which women are only carriers. All these factors are essential when the person is trying to get pregnant or even lead a normal and healthy life. Routine women’s health check ups are the only way a woman can ensure she stays healthy and detection of any disease is possible.

Women Health Checkup Package test preparation/instructions

The women’s health checkup can be conducted via both blood tests and urine tests. Pap smear also helps provide women with a screening of their cervical health. Being a checkup package, these tests would require different preparations. Some tests can be done without fasting, some would require the person to fast for at least 8 hours.

Consulting a doctor for the same is essential before booking the women’s health check up packages nearby. Informing doctors and technicians about existing conditions or medications will also help them provide accurate instructions towards test preparations for getting accurate results.

Tests included in the Women Health Checkup Package

The women’s health checkup consists of tests that will check not only the overall health of the woman but also screen for potential developments. These tests include:

  • Urine routine and Microscopy panel
  • Glucose (fasting)
  • Complete blood count
  • Pap smear
  • Thyroid profile
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • Luteinizing Hormone



Why Choose Flebo.in’s Home Collection Service?

Flebo.in provides ease of mind to people with their transparency and quick and accurate result delivery. When looking for women’s health check up packages near me, Flebo.in offers extensive tests and packages to help women understand their health better. Flebo.in also offers daily booking from 6 am to 9 pm. Their team of experienced and certified phlebotomists makes the sample collection of blood painless and quick.

If ease of mind and affordable female health check up near me is the goal then Flebo.in provides just the solution. They have a proficient home collection and on-time result delivery services across Jalandhar. Visit Flebo.in to know more.



What is a pap smear?

The pap smear is done to detect cervical cancer. The test is done by checking the cell sample collected from the cervix.

Should an iron deficiency test be done?

Women are generally anemic and opting for an iron deficiency test is a must.

What is the procedure for screening for breast cancer?

Detection of possible breast cancer is done via mammograms. This is simply doing an X-ray of the breasts to detect the formation of malignant cells.


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Steps To Book Women Health Checkup Package For Home Collection In Jalandhar

A women health checkup in Jalandhar is essential for every woman who has attained 25 years of age. To book the package and avail of a home collection service, looking for a women’s health check up near me will yield the desired results. Tests can vary from having just blood tests done to getting urine samples for further gynecological diagnosis.

The sample collection should be done after proper consultation from doctors and the person opting for the test should be aware of the procedures involved. If they are on any medication then they should mention the same.

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