Anti CCP Test In Kolkata

Anti CCP Test In Kolkata

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An anti-CCP test in Kolkata or other parts of the country is a necessary test for antibody measurement. It is completed through a blood sample collection. It is possible for the healthiest person around to be down with this disease and so it has become crucial for doctors to prescribe this test to anyone who is or is not facing symptoms of the same.

Moreover, if someone is already down with rheumatoid arthritis, with the help of an anti-CCP test, you can see the severity of the disease and consult your doctor for a possible treatment plan that can help reduce the erosive characteristic of this disease.

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About Anti CCP Test

Why is the Anti-CCP test done?

The main intention of the anti-CCP antibody test is to determine the potential chances of rheumatoid arthritis in patients. If a healthy person has joint problems, with the help of an anti-CCP test, the doctor can determine the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis in the patient and give the right treatment plan.

The test additionally also helps doctors understand how to treat a particular joint problem, concerning the present anti-CCP antibodies. For instance, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis should also take this test to allow the doctors to examine and see how bad the disease is and what the plan of action for the future should be.

What does the Anti CCP test measure?

If you are unsure about getting an anti-CCP test, it is important for you to know why the test is done and what is measured to be more prepared.

  • With the help of an anti-CCP antibody test, doctors measure the level of antibodies you have to target proteins that are found in your joints. It is necessary to ensure your body does not fall prey to autoimmune disorders, like arthritis.
  • Additionally, it further causes discomfort and inflammation-causing other conditions around the joints, like systemic lupus erythematosus, hepatitis C infection, psoriasis arthritis, etc.
  • With the help of an anti-CCP test, you can successfully detect symptoms that can prevent the destruction of your joints with the correct treatment. Moreover, you can also figure out the severity of the disease, coupled with the possible predictions of the outcome for improved treatment solutions.
  • Even though the test is usually prescribed by the doctor after seeing visible signs and symptoms, if you feel any sort of discomfort, reaching out to the doctor to persevere an anti-CCP test is a good option.
Risk/side effects of Anti-CCP test

If you are looking for “anti-CCP test near me”, it is important to know the potential side effects or risks involved in the process. The test is completed with the sample collection of blood, which is a non-invasive procedure with bare minimum risks. The maximum side-effects experienced by the people who have given blood samples are light soreness, dizziness, bruising, etc. However, these do not last for too long and subside within a week. Other than these, no risks are involved and the procedure is safe for everyone to participate in.


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What is the anti-CCP test price in Kolkata?

The anti-CCP test cost depends on your current location. However, the anti-CCP test price in Kolkata is approximately Rs. 650.

What are some things I can do to reduce my anti-CCP levels?

There is no direct evidence to support whether there are enough practices you can adopt to reduce the inflammation and the anti-CCP levels for yourself. However, the common suggestions from doctors include quitting smoking, increasing vitamin D intake, along with omega-3 fatty acids.


Are the home collection services for anti-CCP tests accurate?

The process of sample collection is the same for an anti-CCP test, regardless of your choice between a lab test or a home collection service. Additionally, the results are also the same, so it is all about choosing between the right option, as per convenience.

Interpreting Anti CCP test results

Interpreting Anti CCP test results

As much as it is important to know the anti-CCP antibody test cost in your city, it is also essential to understand how to read the test results to be well prepared for what to expect next. If you are someone who is awaiting a test report for the anti-CCP test, here are a few pointers to help you.

  • For every individual, the normal level of anti-CCP antibodies is not more than 20 units/ML. So, anyone with a level higher than this is considered positive for antibodies and anyone with lower than the range is considered negative.
  • If your test results come out to be higher than 20 units/ML, you do test positive for the anti-CCP antibodies. However, the confirmation of rheumatoid arthritis is not always 100% guaranteed.
  • However, even if you test negative on the test report, it does not guarantee the absence of the disease rheumatoid arthritis, as along with the test result, some other signs and symptoms can determine the final diagnosis.
    Gender Test Type Range
    Male and female Anti-CCP > 20 units/ML

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