Cystatin C Test In Kolkata

Cystatin C Test In Kolkata

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Cystatin C is a typical protein found in blood, breast milk, spinal liquid and other bodily fluids. Cystatin C is an indicator of the renal condition i.e. if the level of this particular protein is normal in our blood, it indicates that the kidneys are functioning well.

  • Glomerular Filtration Rate or GFR is measured through the Cystatin C test.
  • GFR value helps doctors determine the functionality of kidneys.
  • Cystatin C test is also performed to screen the progression of ongoing renal treatments.

Renal issues are quite common these days and one may fall victim to kidney problems due to various reasons. Existing ailments such as diabetes, thyroid and cancer also aggravate the Cystatin C disorders. To keep a check on these disorders and avoid kidney failure, you must take the Cystatin C test under the guidance of a health expert. is proud to announce that we have the most contemporary lab set-up and a group of excellent professionals to have your Cystatin C test done without a hassle. If you are looking for a Cystatin C test in Kolkata, is the perfect choice for you.

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About Cystatin C Test

Why Is Cystatin C Test Done?

Cystatin C test is an indicative test for renal health. Kidneys play an instrumental role in keeping us healthy. From filtering blood to excreting harmful components, kidneys are essential and damage to kidneys can lead to grave health conditions.

The common symptoms of kidney failure are:

  • Abnormal urine output (dark urine or frequent urination)
  • Swelling of limbs and ankles due to fluid retention
  • Smelly urine output
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Confusion

In some cases, urinal output may remain normal even though cystatin C level fluctuates. If you experience some of these issues, waste no time and contact your doctor immediately. This disorder can be treated and cured quite easily in an early stage. But, if you don’t start managing the illness from the initial phase, it could become a major health concern in future.

What Does Cystatin C Test Measure?
  • Cystatin C test mainly aims to measure the Glomerular Filtration Rate/GFR.
  • GFR values determine the renal health of a person and indicate the level of Cystatin C in our blood.
  • Cystatin C test also measures the progression of kidney treatment, particularly after dialysis.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Cystatin C Test

There is absolutely no side effect of the Cystatin C test. This is a simple blood test which aims to determine the GFR value. Cystatin protein is generally available in body fluids including blood. Therefore, blood tests can give an indication of the current Cystatin C level in the bloodstream.
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What are the different tests that I can take alongside the Cystatin C test?

There are a few tests that your healthcare provider may ask you to take along with the Cystatin C test. These tests include a blood creatinine level test to diagnose the functionality of kidneys in filtering toxic elements.

How should I prepare for the Cystatin C test?

There are no such preparatory aspects related to the Cystatin C test. However, if you are taking steroids, it is advisable not to take that prior to the Cystatin C blood test.

Is it a predictive test or a confirmatory test?

This is an indicative yet confirmatory test. The test ‘confirms’ the GFR value which ‘indicates’ the functionality of kidneys.

Interpreting Cystatin C Test Results

Interpreting Cystatin C Test Results

The normal level of Cystatin C in our blood is 0.67 to 6.15 mg/L of blood. The value keeps rising in case the daily creatinine clearance is low. However, this is considered the normal range of Cystatin C in a healthy human body.

Test Result Interpretation
Less than 0.67 to 6.15 mg/L


Cystatin C level is lower than normal and may hamper blood filtration
Greater than 0.67 to 6.15 mg/L


Cystatin C level is higher than normal and if left untreated may lead to kidney damages

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Steps To Book A Cystatin C Test For Home Collection In Kolkata

Kidney failure is the last thing that you would want to face. As a matter of fact, kidney treatment could be very expensive if it is not diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Cystatin C protein is important to maintain a healthy GFR value but the level should be normal at all points. Generally, Cystatin C levels vary from individual to individual, on the basis of sex, age and underlying ailments.

We all lead hectic and stressful lives. We are constantly preoccupied with our work, which has already had an impact on our personal lives. You don’t want to add anything further to your already long list of things to do. Contacting a healthcare facility and then showing up for a blood test could be time and energy better spent with your family. This is when comes into play. You can now book an appointment with a phlebotomist on from the comfort of your own home.

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