Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test In Kolkata

Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test In Kolkata

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Insulin Like Growth Factor, often referred to as IGF-1, is a specific hormone that manages the efficacy of normal Growth Hormones (GH). Growth Hormones are essential for the normal development and growth of tissues, organs and bones.

Here are some interesting facts about these two hormones.

  • Level of Growth Hormones in the blood keeps fluctuating throughout the day as it depends on the active hours of a person, diet and other factors.
  • The level of IGF-1 hormone remains stable irrespective of factors that stimulate GHs.

Insulin Like Growth Factor test or IGF 1 test determines the level of IGF 1 hormone in our blood. This test is important as the IGF 1 hormone has a direct impact on Growth Hormones. From the production of GHs to maintaining the proper balance, IGF 1 plays an instrumental role.

Growth Hormones are important for children and adolescents. Anomaly in the GH levels could lead to various physical disabilities., with its expert phlebotomists, make IGF 1 Test in Kolkata easy for you.

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About Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test Test

Why Is Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test Done?

As we have already mentioned, IGF 1 controls the secretion and levels of GHs in our body. These hormones are as important to adults as to children. Let us see some of the diseases related to Growth Hormone imbalance.

  • GH Deficiency: This ailment predominantly attacks children. Low secretion of GHs leads to GH deficiency. As a consequence, children suffering from GH deficiency grow slow, and in the acute case, it may lead to dwarfism. Apart from that, children who suffer from deficit GH have low bone density and poor muscle mass.
  • Gigantism: Gigantism is the exact opposite of dwarfism. In this case, GHs are secreted in more than the required amount, causing abnormal growth. Typically, children suffering from gigantism have disproportionate hands and limbs.
  • Acromegaly: Acromegaly can be considered gigantism in adults. Usually, adults with acromegaly syndrome have large and disproportionate hands and legs. Their facial features and bones also get protruded.

IGF 1 test ascertains the level of GH in our body, and as a result, we can avoid any unnecessary consequences of GH imbalance through early treatment.
Other than that, IGF 1 test is done to mitigate certain symptoms. These are:

  • Slow rate of growth
  • Extremely underweight children
  • Small penis in case of male children
  • Bone density disorder
What Does Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test Measure?
  • IGF 1 test typically measures GH disorders.
  • Through IGF 1 test, you can confirm the levels of GH and IGF 1 hormone in your blood.
  • In case there is an anomaly in the levels of the hormones, you should start early treatment.
  • Since GHs are crucial for the growth of children, IGF 1 test is becoming more and more significant than ever to safeguard the future of children.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test

IGF 1 test is a normal, non-fasting blood test. There is absolutely no risk involved in the IGF 1 test.

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How should I prepare for the IGF 1 test?

You do not need to prepare yourself or your child before the test, unless and until special suggestions are communicated to you by your doctors. This is a normal, non-fasting blood test that you can take at any time as per your preference.

What are the Parameters/ Tests Included In Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test?

IGF 1 test is interrelated to GH disorders. In case any discrepancy in the IGF 1 level is detected in the test, you should follow it up with further IGF 1 tests to observe how the treatment is going. Apart from that, you need to consider the following tests to diagnose GH disorders.

  • GH Suppression Test
  • GH Stimulation Test
  • IGBP 3 Test (IGBP is the protein carrier of IGF 1 hormone).
Can IGF 1 disorder affect adults?

IGF 1 disorders and GH disorders are predominantly found in children. However, adults too suffer from IGF 1 disorders, which lead to acromegaly, bone density disorder and tumor in the pituitary gland.

 Interpreting Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test Results

Interpreting Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test Results

The levels of IGF 1 keep varying throughout our lifetime. The following table will showcase the reference value of the IGF 1 hormone in different phases of our life.

Age IGF 1 Reference Value
18 374.1 ng/ ml
35-39 180.1 ng/ ml
70+ 92.7 ng/ ml

It is evident that the level of IGF 1 keeps decreasing with age. These are the reference values based on which test results are interpreted.

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Steps To Book An Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF 1) Test For Home Collection In Delhi

Growth Hormones are essential for the healthy and wholesome growth of children. Deficiency or excess secretion of GHs leads to disorders like dwarfism, gigantism and acromegaly. These disorders can be diagnosed early by IGF 1 test.

Although IGF 1 is a crucial hormone for adults which maintains bone density and growth of nails and teeth, it is children who are more susceptible to GH disorders. When it comes to children, things become more sensitive. understands how important it is to provide you with excellent medical support to keep your child out of harm’s way.

Besides, it is always more comfortable for children and adults as well to have the test done from home. has the right services for IGF 1 test home collection. You can schedule an appointment with our expert phlebotomist for the home collection of the blood sample. also maintains a medical record of your tests. You simply need to create a profile and we will do the rest for you. From the home collection to report generation, let be your medical partner.

The steps of booking an IGF 1 test in Delhi via are incredibly simple.

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