Peripheral Smear Test (for Malaria) In Delhi

Peripheral Smear Test (for Malaria) In Delhi

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One of the most common diseases today is malaria and peripheral smear for malaria or MP smear test is a popular test prescribed by doctors to test the presence of the disease. Malaria is highly infectious and is caused by a particular species known as the plasmodium parasite. In most people, it occurs through unexpected mosquito bites which can otherwise be prevented with the help of mosquito repellents and other measures that can restrict the interaction of your body with the mosquitoes.

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About Peripheral Smear Test

Why is the Peripheral Smear Test Done?

The main reason why the MP smear test is conducted is to find out whether a patient has malaria or not and to observe the performance of a treatment plan for malaria for an existing patient. As one of the most accurate tests available to diagnose malaria, the MP smear test helps with elaborate information like the density of the parasite, the stage of malaria the patient has, if found positive, etc. The main parasites of malaria transfer directly into the bloodstream right after the bite of the mosquito and can deteriorate the health condition if not treated at the right time.

What Does the Peripheral Smear Test Measure?

Many patients stress about the MP smear test price in Kolkata. However, it is important to know the exact functionality of the MP smear test and what it measures to give accurate results. With the help of a peripheral smear for malaria, the blood sample is taken to detect and observe the potential presence of the parasite that causes malaria. Other than this, it also measures the level of parasites remaining in the bloodstream of a patient who is undergoing treatment for malaria.

It is a microscopic test that studies the blood sample on a glass slide to precisely examine the different blood cells for differentiating the parasites from the regular blood elements. If the blood sample has a thick smear in the test, it helps doctors detect the absence or presence of a parasite. However, if it is thin, it helps a doctor conclude the type of parasite present in the blood, to further diagnose the stage of malaria prevalent in a patient.

Risk/side Effects of Peripheral Smear Test

As the MP smear test takes place through a blood sample collection, the potential risks involved in the procedure are a bare minimum. This is because it is a completely non-invasive procedure and does not take longer than 5 to 10 minutes for completion. However, some patients have complained of discomfort and have experienced side effects like soreness, light bruising, bleeding, and dizziness during the medical process. Other than these, there are no long-lasting side effects or risks related to a peripheral smear test.


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For anyone looking for convenient and safe sample collection services, choosing’s home collection services is the right choice. These services are easy to book through a few quick-to-follow steps online and require a bare minimum of effort and time. You no longer have to wait in long queues outside the lab for the test you want to take as we offer numerous tests for sample collection, be it blood or urine. Just complete the online booking and sit back and relax till the clinician reaches your location of choice for your sample collection for the chosen test.

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Do I need to prepare in advance for the MP smear test in Kolkata?

No, according to most medical experts, there is no prerequisite to preparing yourself for the blood sample collection for the test. However, some doctors might advise on certain important to-do processes if need be, so always consult a doctor before sitting for the test.

Does a negative result rule out the chances of malaria completely?

No, according to most medical experts, there is no prerequisite to preparing yourself for the blood sample collection for the test. However, some doctors might advise on certain important to-do processes if need be, so always consult a doctor before sitting for the test.

What are some of the common symptoms of malaria?

Known as one of the most common viral infections, the symptoms of malaria include constant discomfort, muscle or joint pain, diarrhea, fever, headache, vomiting or nausea, etc.

Interpreting Peripheral Smear Test Results

Interpreting Peripheral Smear Test Results

As important as it is to know the PS for MP test price, it is also necessary to know how to read the results received on your MP smear test. This is because it helps you understand the condition of your health and keeps you informed thoroughly about the potential threats, along with the best and most appropriate treatment plans to solve the problem. Here are some key pointers to read your test results.

For the MP smear test, there are only two possible results a patient can receive.
The first possible case scenario is of a positive result which directly indicates the presence of the parasite that causes malaria in a patient’s bloodstream. If this is the achieved test result, doctors diagnose the disease and prescribe the right treatment plan to effectively resolve the problem. It can also mean that a person is currently undergoing treatment for the disease.
The other possible case scenario is of a negative test result which indicates the absence of the parasite that causes malaria in the bloodstream of a patient. However, it does not negate the chances of malaria for a patient, especially if the symptoms are visible. In such situations, a doctor prescribes further testing for correct diagnosis.

Results Potential Diagnosis
Positive Malaria parasite present, treatment plan needed
Negative No malaria parasite present, further testing might be needed

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Steps to book a Peripheral Smear Test Home Collection in Delhi

If you are looking for booking MP smear test home collection services, you need to know two things. The first is how to book the right services and the second is the PS for MP test cost. The price can differ from city to city, however, to book a home collection MP smear test in Delhi, instead of searching “MP smear test near me”, all you need to do is go online to complete the booking. First, choose a time slot between 6 AM to 9 PM as per your convenience, and then choose the lab that is nearest to your current location to complete the booking. Once done, all you need to do is wait for a clinician to come to your location to collect your blood sample for the test.

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