Phencyclidine Test In Kolkata

Phencyclidine Test In Kolkata

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Drug use is a common practice in the world today but a lack of control and over usage can often lead to serious health diseases, as the human body loses a major part of control. Even though the phencyclidine test is a common medical procedure, the intention behind the test is not clear to everyone. The phencyclidine test is conducted to help detect the presence of PCP in the bloodstream. PCP consumption in the early days was only for medical anesthesia, however, with time, this drug is now being consumed for leisure.

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About Phencyclidine Test

Why is the Phencyclidine Test Done?

For anyone who is looking to sit for a phencyclidine test, the first step is to consult a doctor to understand whether the test is right for you or not. The phencyclidine test is performed to detect the possibility of drug abuse concerning the consumption of PCP, also known as hog, angel hair, or angel dust. It is necessary to detect this drug element as it is known to trigger hallucinations and dissociation of the mind with the body.

Additionally, this drug causes long-lasting after-effects on the nervous system, especially the brain and the spinal cord. The test also helps in observing the possibility of other medication on the brain of a patient, if symptoms are visible.

What does the Phencyclidine Test Measure?

As the name suggests, with the help of a phencyclidine test, the main intention is to measure the PCP level in the blood. It is an important medical procedure that can be conducted in both a blood test or urine test format. However, given the non-invasive quality of the urine test, the majority of the patients opt for the same. Moreover, the accuracy of the urine PCP test is higher, as the drug presence can be detected for a longer period (a minimum of three weeks).

There are other methods to measure the phencyclidine or PCP level in the blood, like a saliva test. Each test has its pros and cons, the biggest pro being the ability to detect the drug over a longer period. The measurement of PCP level helps determine the possible intoxication of other harmful substances along with PCP, and the consumption of other medications that are causing discomfort to the body.

Risk/side effects of Phencyclidine Test

The medical procedure involved in the phencyclidine test is either a blood test or a urine sample test. The risks involved in both the procedures are none as they are not invasive. However, for the blood test, some patients do experience some side effects initially and these include dizziness, soreness, bleeding, or slight bruising. These side effects are not long-lasting and usually heal on their own. Other than this, there are no major side effects or risks.


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Are there preparation tips for the phencyclidine test?

Regardless of which sample collection you pick between urine or blood test, there are no prerequisites required to prepare for the test. However, it is always advisable to consult the doctor for any necessary pre-test steps.

Can PCP be consumed at a limit?

PCP as a drug is harmful overall. Even though it is known to cause the feeling of joy, overconsumption can lead to severe toxicity or even death in some situations. It is thus recommended to stay clear of any harmful substance like PCP.

What are the side effects of consuming PCP?

Some of the commonly experienced side effects include loss of coordination or balance, numbness around arms and legs, feeling of impending doom, anxiety, mood swings, etc.

Interpreting Phencyclidine Test Results

Interpreting Phencyclidine Test Results

Other than knowing where to book the phencyclidine test in Kolkata, it is also important to know what the test results mean. This helps you be more aware of your medical condition and encourages you to take active participation in the treatment process, without feeling out of the loop. Here are some pointers to help you read your next test report for the phencyclidine test.

For the test results, there are only two possible case scenarios. It can either be a positive test result or a negative test result.

  • If the test results come out negative on the PCP test, it indicates the absence of PCP in the urine and thus, rules out the possibility of drug consumption. However, the result can also come out negative if the sample is collected more than 10 days after the PCP consumption.
  • If the test results come out positive on the PCP test, it indicates the presence of PCP in the urine, hinting towards an increased possibility of long-term use of PCP, especially if the test is done after 10 days or more.
Results Potential Diagnosis
Negative No PCP in the urine sample
Positive PCP Present in the urine sample


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