Urine Protein Test In Kolkata

Urine Protein Test In Kolkata

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Looking to book A Urine Protein test in Kolkata? Read below to know about the test.

A Urine Protein test is just what the name suggests. It tests the amount of protein in the urine. Normally, if a healthy person undergoes this test, the urine sample collected should not have a lot of protein content. A higher than regular amount of protein in the urine sample is an indication of improperly functioning kidneys or of a high level of proteins in the blood. Alternatively, a Urine Protein Test can also be a part of Urinalysis.

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About Urine Protein Test

Why is the Urine Protein Test done?

Under normal circumstances, protein, which is an essential building block of the body, is not discharged with urine in significant amounts. However, if your urine consists of more than a normal amount of protein, it would signify that your kidneys are potentially damaged. The test can be prescribed to check for kidney function, symptoms of UTI, or be a part of Urinalysis. A high amount of protein can be caused by various reasons, including dehydration, hypertension, amyloidosis, diuretic, and chemotherapy drugs, among others.

What does the Urine Protein Test measure?

Proteins are essential for the human body, as it helps in healing and developing our bodies. This, in turn, means that there should not be a lot of protein that is turned to waste and excreted by the body.
The Urine Protein Test measures how much protein is being discharged along with your urine. For a normal healthy person, there is no significant amount of protein that discharges from the body.\
A daily average of 150 milligrams of protein in urine is considered normal. If more protein is excreted, it can be indicative of a disease.

Risk/side effects of Urine Protein Test

There are no risks or side effects of a Urine protein test. It is a simple, non-invasive test. A doctor would usually only order a Urine Protein Test if he suspects the presence of a disease or is trying to find any underlying symptoms.


Why should you choose Flebo.in's home collection services?

For a Urine Protein Test In Kolkata , a lot of labs provide home collection services.

Flebo.in is one such service, consisting of trained lab technicians that will conduct the test properly to get accurate results. Collect all required samples from your home at the appointed time. What makes Flebo.in even better is that they have customizable packages so people can choose which tests they want to get done and only pay for those, making Flebo a more relevant and economical option. If you prefer knowing exactly how well your body is functioning, search Urine Protein Test near me and get this simple test done without any trouble.



Can Urine Protein Test be done at home?

Yes. A Urine Protein Test can be done through home collection services.

What is a one-time sample collection process?

A one-time sample collection method is usually implied for routine checkups. The doctor would just take a one-time random sample and test that.


What is a 24-hour sample collection test?

A 24-hour sample collection is when you are asked to collect urine samples through a 24-hour period, either in the same cup or separate cups. This is done to measure the amount of protein discharge in a 24 hour period.

Does high protein always mean kidney damage?

No. High protein in the urine can happen for a variety of reasons. It can be caused due to stress or infection as well.

 Interpreting the Urine Protein Test results

Interpreting the Urine Protein Test results

As established, a 150 milligrams daily discharge of protein is considered normal. Higher levels of protein in the urine indicate diseases. A Urine Protein test can be done in two ways:

  • One-time sample collection
  • 24-hour sample collection

Your doctor will ask for one of these processes for a Urine Protein Test. Once the sample is collected and given to the lab for testing, its results are released in a couple of days after that.

The results can help determine the cause. Doctors may also order additional tests to give a confirmed diagnosis. A high protein level can also be the result of stress, dehydration or excessive exercise, or even infections and fever.

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Steps To Book Urine Protein Test Home Collection In Kolkata

Booking a Urine Protein Test In Kolkata is a simple process. All you need to do is search for the Urine Protein Test near me, and all facilities providing this service will be listed before you. Thereafter, you can contact any of them for a booking. A lab technician would be assigned to you who will set up a time suitable to you and come to collect the Urine sample at that time.

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