Ovarian Profile Test In Hyderabad

Ovarian Profile Test In Hyderabad

According to research, ovarian cancer holds the fifth rank in the list of diseases related to cancer that cause women’s deaths around the world. For every woman, the risk of falling prey to ovarian cancer during her entire lifetime is approximately 1 in 78 women. With the help of an ovarian cancer profile test, doctors successfully check the level of CA125 antigen in the bloodstream of the female to rule out the possibility of ovarian cancer as much as possible.

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About Ovarian Cancer Profile Test

Why is the Ovarian Cancer Profile Test Done?

The cancer antigen called CA 125 is an important factor in testing the possibility of ovarian cancer, checking the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and monitoring the overall progress of a patient who previously had cancer. Some doctors even prescribe an ovarian cancer profile test to identify and rule out any early signs of this particular cancer, especially for patients who pose a higher risk of having this disease due to family history. Not all positive results indicate the possibility of ovarian cancer in patients.


However, they do push for further testing to figure out the exact reason behind the increase in particular hormones within the ovaries, causing the endometrium wall to be thicker than usual. In simple words, even though a transvaginal ultrasound test is also a common method to view the insides of the female organs, with the help of an ovarian cancer profile test, along with CA 125, multiple other hormones and their levels are observed for a more conclusive diagnosis.

What Does The Ovarian Cancer Profile Test Measure?

With the help of an ovarian cancer profile test, you can rule out the possibility of ovarian cancer by a great percentage. When doctors prescribe an ovarian cancer profile test, they want to measure the exact level of the cancer antigen CA 125 in the bloodstream of the patient to observe and understand whether the reason behind the elevated levels of this antigen or the different hormones in the blood is ovarian cancer or some other medical condition.

Additionally, increased levels of a particular hormone or cancer antigen do not directly mean that the patient is suffering from ovarian cancer. Instead, these can indicate the possibility of other medical conditions, like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, cirrhosis, fibroids, etc, which need to be identified to get the right treatment plan started.

Risk/Side Effects Of Ovarian Cancer Profile Test

The medical procedure of getting the ovarian cancer profile test consists of multiple parameters, as the main intention is to test the health of the ovaries. However, one of the most common methods that help with the most crucial parameters is a blood sample collection for further testing. This procedure does not pose any severe risks and has minimum side effects.

Some of the potential side effects of this procedure can include light bruising, soreness, bleeding and dizziness right after the sample collection is completed. However, these are not long-lasting and usually resolve on their own in a couple of hours.


Parameters/Tests Included In Ovarian Cancer Profile Test

There are multiple different tests included in the ovarian cancer profile test, each measuring and determining the condition of the ovary in its way. The list of tests included in the ovarian cancer profile test can include the following:

  • CA 125 Blood Test
  • Thyroid Blood Test
  • Prolactin Blood Test
  • Serum Progesterone Blood Test
  • Pelvic Ultrasound
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test
  • Clomid Challenge Test
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone Test

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Searching for “ovarian cancer profile test price in Hyderabad”? With the combination of increased convenience and comfort at your doorstep, Flebo.in’s home collection services are designed to provide the healthcare industry with top-notch quality medical services. With these home collection services, you no longer require an appointment to get tested for any test, as with a simple online booking, you can choose from a wide range of tests available and get an expert to come to your location for sample collection, according to your time availability. The services are safe and the experts are well trained to ensure no gap in quality.



What are some of the common symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Some of the alarming symptoms of ovarian cancer that require an immediate ovarian cancer profile test include abdominal swelling and bloating, sudden weight loss, back pain, frequent constipation and discomfort in the pelvic area, etc.

Does ovarian cancer start from the ovaries only?

No, according to gynecologists, the majority of ovarian cancer starts from the fallopian tube and then moves its way up to the ovaries. However, it does get easily detected in the ovaries, as the increase or decrease in hormones reacts faster there.

What are some of the factors that increase the chances of ovarian cancer?

Some of the most common factors that increase the chances of ovarian cancer for females include age, obesity, old-age pregnancy, hormone therapy post-menopause, family history, etc.

Interpreting Ovarian Cancer Profile Test results

Interpreting Ovarian Cancer Profile Test results

Under the ovarian cancer profile test, the CA 125 test is considered to be a prime choice for the majority of doctors to determine the possibility of ovarian cancer. However, other than knowing why this test is done, it is also important to know how to read the test results, to be more informed at all times. Here are some pointers.

  • The first and the most important thing to remember is that the normal value of your CA 125 protein should be less than 46 units per milliliter.
  • If the CA 125 test results show the level of this protein higher than usual, it can mean two things. The first is that you have a benign condition, and the second is that you might have lower abdominal cancer, which can include ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, or endometrial cancer.
  • If you are a patient of ovarian cancer, a drop in the level of the cancer antigen 125 on the CA 125 test results can indicate a positive sign of the treatment being effective on your current cancer cells. However, on the contrary, an increasing level of CA125 for an ovarian cancer patient can also mean that the cancer is returning or re-growing within.

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Steps to book an Ovarian Cancer Profile Test home collection in Hyderabad

For anyone looking for “book ovarian cancer profile test near me” or “ovarian cancer profile test home collection cost in Hyderabad”, Flebo.in should be the best choice. To meet the requirements for blood or urine sample collection for the different test parameters under the ovarian profile test, this home collection service in Hyderabad takes only a few minutes to make an online booking. Pick a time and location of your choice while completing the booking to get an expert to come to your chosen location as per your schedule to take your sample for the ovarian cancer profile test in Hyderabad.

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