Inhibin B Test In Mumbai

Inhibin B Test In Mumbai

If you are looking to book an inhibin B test in Mumbai, it is important to know all about the test and why it is prescribed by doctors worldwide. Inhibin B is a hormone that is directly secreted by a set of certain cells within the ovary of a female. However, the level of these hormones directly impacts the chances of females developing ovarian cancer or an underdeveloped fetus. The main purpose of this hormone is to regulate the menstrual cycle and encourage the development of a baby fetus during a woman’s pregnancy. However, if the levels of this hormone are not monitored with the help of an inhibin B test, it can be a problem later.

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About Inhibin B Test

Why Is Inhibin B Test Done?

The main purpose of the inhibin B test is to observe and measure the level of inhibin B within the bloodstream of a patient to detect the density of the ovary reserve of a female. This directly relates to the chances of pregnancy for a female, and if the female is already pregnant, it helps in the detection of potential chances of developing ovarian cancer during the pregnancy. It is very important to get an inhibin B test at the earliest if you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant. It will help to combat the chances of an under-developed fetus and ovarian cancer.

What Does The Inhibin B Test Measure?

When you are looking for an inhibin B test, it is important to understand what the test measures and the potential inhibin B test price in your locality. The hormone inhibin B is directly associated with the development of eggs or sperm in both male and female bodies, along with reproduction. For most doctors, an inhibin B test is prescribed as part of the possible infertility evaluation of a patient. This particular hormone is produced within the ovaries of a female and the testicles of a male.

With the help of an inhibin B test, doctors can observe and measure the level of inhibin B hormone in the blood to determine the possibility of a female getting pregnant, the fertility potential of a male, and the chances of women developing ovarian cancer or an under-developed baby. Therefore, to get the levels of this hormone checked, especially if you are trying to conceive a baby, an inhibin B test is recommended by doctors all around the world.

Risk/Side Effects Of Inhibin B Test

If you are looking for “inhibin B test near me” but are concerned about the possible risks/side effects involved in the process, be assured that the medical procedure followed to collect the blood sample for this particular test is very less invasive. This process requires blood sample collection for testing which poses no risk. However, some patients have complained of slight discomfort during or after sample collection which includes bleeding, bruising, dizziness, and soreness around the area from where the sample is collected. The good part is that the side effects are not long-lasting and resolve on their own.


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Does the level of inhibin B fluctuate in the body from time to time?

According to doctors, the hormone level of inhibin B can fluctuate during the menstrual cycle of females, and thus, is not taken as a standalone test for any possible diagnostic conclusion.

How common is the granulosa cell tumor in females?

Research indicates that approximately 2% of the overall ovarian tumors can result in this severe yet rare granulosa cell tumor in females.

Do I need anything to prepare for the inhibin B test?

As the medical process only involves a blood sample collection, there are usually no prerequisites necessary for preparation before the test. However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor to get the right advice before giving your sample.

Interpreting Inhibin B Test Results

Interpreting Inhibin B Test Results

Other than finding out the inhibin B test cost in your area, it is very important to know how to read and interpret the test results, before you book your next inhibin B test in Mumbai. Once you understand the test results on your own, it makes you more aware of your health and keeps you in the loop throughout. Here are some quick pointers to remember the next time you wish to integrate inhibin B test results.

  • The normal range of inhibin B in the male body for all age groups is <399 pg/ml and the female body of all age groups is <139 pg/ml.
  • This test is usually carried out for females. If the test results indicate that the levels are higher than the normal range, it can increase the possibility of the development of a rare type of ovarian cancer for the female, called granulosa cell tumour. However, this test is not a standalone test and a series of other tests are necessary to conclude this diagnosis.
  • If the test results indicate that the levels are lower than the normal range, it can indicate the possibility of reduced chances of conceiving for the female or lower fertility for males. Additionally, it can also pose the risk of an under-developed fetus, if the woman testing is pregnant.
    Results Potential Diagnosis
    Male <399 pg/ml

    Female <139 pg/ml

    Normal Range for all age groups.
    Results < Normal range
    • Underdeveloped fetus
    • Lesser chances of conceiving (a series of other tests are required to complete diagnosis).
    Results > Normal range
    • Possibility of reduced chances of conceiving for female, or
    • Lower fertility for males
    • risk of an under-developed fetus (for pregnant women).


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Steps To Book An Inhibin B Test Home Collection In Delhi

If you are looking to book an inhibin B test home collection service in Delhi, is here to help and provide top quality and utmost comfort at your doorstep. All you need to do is pick a time and place for your sample collection for your inhibin B test in Delhi and make an online booking. Once complete, wait for an expert to come to your chosen location according to your availability to collect your blood sample. The process is simple and hassle-free, so book for your next inhibin B test in Delhi today.

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