Magnesium Test In Mumbai

Magnesium Test In Mumbai

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A magnesium test is a third test that is suggested by a doctor when a patient has recurring problems of diarrhea, vomiting, low BP, or nausea indicating an increase in the magnesium levels. On the contrary, recurring problems like loss of appetite, weakness, muscle cramps, and fatigue can indicate the possibility of low magnesium levels for a patient.

For certain rare patients, a magnesium overdose can also cause cardiac arrest or death. Therefore, a magnesium test in Mumbai is important to ensure your magnesium levels are in check and you do not fall prey to any unexpected disorders or diseases.

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About Magnesium Tests

Why Is Magnesium Test Done?

One of the major reasons why a magnesium test is done or recommended by a doctor is under the suspicion of increased or decreased magnesium levels for the patient. Magnesium is an important element in the bone that is necessary to carry out multiple chemical processes. Additionally, it is responsible to maintain no function to keep the bones very strong.

A drop or rise in magnesium levels can be very risky for the patient as it indicates the possibility of a severe body disease or disorder, causing serious discomfort for the body. The process of completing a magnesium test is through a blood sample collection as it gives the most accurate results.

What Does Magnesium Test Measure?

In simple words, a magnesium test is necessary to measure the level of magnesium for a patient. Multiple factors can cause an abundance of magnesium or magnesium deficiency, resulting in more severe health problems. It is ordered by a doctor to either test the possibility of a kidney-related disorder or disease or to check the effectiveness of a particular treatment for a patient.

Besides, it is important to know that magnesium levels can also increase or decrease for pregnant women, level of calcium and potassium in the body, age of the patient, etc. But if you experience any common symptoms, always consult a doctor and get your magnesium levels checked to be sure of your condition. You can also change your diet and include magnesium-rich foods, in case your magnesium levels are low and vice versa for higher levels.

Risk/Side Effects Of Magnesium Test

The procedure to collect the sample for a magnesium test in and other cities is commonly through a blood sample collection. Now, this procedure does not involve any potential risks as it is less invasive and takes only a minute or two. However, some people complained of discomfort like feeling lightheaded, excessive bleeding from the spot, soreness, or slight bruising, which does not last for too long. Other than this, the process is simple and does not pose any severe side effects or risks.


Why should you choose's home collection services

If you are looking for quick and convenient home collection services for your next scheduled test by the doctor,’s home collection services should be your top choice. The procedure to book an appointment for your sample collection at home takes just a few quick minutes as you need to do it online.

As soon as you complete your online booking, you do not have to change your schedule to meet an appointment as the expert will come to your location to collect your sample for the chosen test, as prescribed by a doctor. Moreover, the results reach you faster than the lab test reports so many of the home collection services by and enjoy comfortable medical tests.



What is the magnesium test price in Mumbai?

As the demand for a magnesium test near me is increasing for every patient, especially in Mumbai, the number of services available to carry out a magnesium test is plenty. However, for a magnesium test cost idea in Mumbai, the range of magnesium test costs is between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500.


When should I get a magnesium test done?

Some of the common symptoms that indicate the requirement for a magnesium test or any other city include frequent muscle cramps, sudden body weakness, abnormal heartbeat patterns, kidney problems, etc.


Can I test magnesium levels for myself?

This is a common requirement from multiple patients and so if you wish to test your magnesium levels at home, you can buy a finger prick test kit which is available at most pharmacies. However, it is not advisable as the results are not always accurate. So, in case you feel any symptoms, consulting a doctor is the right decision.

Interpreting Magnesium Test Results

Interpreting Magnesium Test Results

If you are searching for a “magnesium test near me”, you must know how to interpret and read the test results to be well informed about your possible diagnosis. Here are some quick pointers to keep in mind to help you read your next test result.

  • According to doctors, the normal blood magnesium range for an individual is between 1.7 to 2.2 mg/dL.
  • If the test results for your next magnesium test indicate a level lower than 1.7 mg/dL, it can indicate the possibility of hypercalcemia, hyperaldosteronism, a kidney disease, pancreatitis, uncontrollable diabetes, overconsumption of alcohol, etc.
  • If the test results for your next magnesium test indicate a level higher than 2.2 mg/dL, it can indicate the possibility of a loss of kidney function, milk-alkali syndrome, diabetic ketoacidosis, etc.
Range Result
1.7 to 2.2 mg/dL Normal Level
>1.7 mg/dL Low Magnesium Level
<2.2 mg/dL High Magnesium Level

It is necessary to consult the doctor in case the magnesium levels on the test result are higher or lower than the normal range to avoid severe diseases and disorders.

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Steps To Book A Magnesium Test For Home Collection In Delhi

If you want to book a magnesium test in Delhi, all you need to do is choose a home collection service and complete the online booking. The entire process takes less than five minutes and the convenience is unbelievable. All you need to do is choose a time slot between 6 AM to 9 PM as per your daily schedule and then choose a lab that is closest to your location. Once you complete the booking, just wait for clinicians to come to your house or chosen location to take your sample for the magnesium test.

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