Malarial Antigen Detection Test In Mumbai

Malarial Antigen Detection Test In Mumbai

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The malaria antigen test in Mumbai is prescribed when the patient shows symptoms of having contracted malaria. The test is done to check which strain of the parasite has infected the patient and a proper prognosis is carried out. The test involves the collection of blood and the report is received within 36 hours. The malaria antigen test near me is also part of the fever panel. This can affect the malaria antigen test price.

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About Malarial Antigen Detection Test

Why is the malarial antigen detection test done?

The malaria antigen test in Mumbai is done in order to understand which strain of the plasmodium protozoa is causing malaria. People who are living in areas prone to malaria or have been bitten by mosquitoes and start showing symptoms are advised to go for a malaria antigen test in Mumbai. When a doctor prescribes the patient to go for a malaria antigen test near me, it is because the patient is exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Body and joint aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Symptoms of jaundice
  • Blood in stools
  • Convulsions
  • Headaches

For malaria, early detection of the strain is crucial for the patient’s survival. Symptoms of the disease are seen after 2 weeks into the infection. Often the starting symptoms are confused with those of flu, but the onset of confusions and convulsions mean that that patient is suffering from malaria.

What does the malarial antigen detection test measure

When a malaria antigen test in Mumbai is prescribed, the doctors want to know which strain of the protozoa is causing the disease. This identification is done by checking the antigens that are present in the patient’s body. Malaria is a widespread disease and causes many deaths every year. Malaria is spread via the female Anopheles mosquito and people living in areas infested with mosquitoes and poor living conditions are often at higher risk.

There are two main protozoa that causes malaria:

  • Plasmodium vivax is found in Asia and Latin America mainly. The parasite can enter the blood and stay dormant for years to before becoming active and infecting the person. This parasite gives rise to benign malaria.
  • Plasmodium falciparum is found mainly in Africa. This parasite is the most common cause of death due to malaria. The parasite can multiply rapidly and cause clogging of the blood vessels. Malignant malaria that is often accompanied by jaundice is caused by this parasite.

Doctors need to conduct the antigen test to correctly identify the parasite so appropriate treatment can be started.

Risk/side effects of malarial antigen detection test

Getting a malaria antigen test in Mumbai is not painful or causes too much bleeding unless the person has a condition that prevents earlier clotting of blood. The test has no side effects nor does the drawing of blood pose any risk to the patient. Experienced phlebotomists can draw blood with a needle without causing much pain or blood loss to the patient.


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Can people become immune to malaria?

People often develop antibodies once they are exposed to a certain parasite. With malaria, long exposure to the protozoa can cause some people to develop natural immunity against the parasite.

Apart from medications, what else helps fight the parasite?

The medication for malaria is strong and people are advised to be on a diet that will strengthen their liver and kidneys.

Can a person who is infected show negative results?

The antigens cannot be found immediately after the person is bitten by a mosquito. In case the antigen test yield no conclusive result, doctor opt for a PCR to get accurate results.

Interpreting the Malarial Antigen Detection Test results

Interpreting the Malarial Antigen Detection Test results

How to interpret the malarial antigen detection test results

When it comes to malaria tests, there are only two possible outcomes. The malaria antigen test in Mumbai will either show a positive result or a negative result. Both the strains of plasmodium are tested. If the result is positive for even one (vivax or falciparum) then the correct treatment is started.

If the malignant strain is detected, the doctor may order additional tests to check for symptoms of jaundice or kidney failure.

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Steps To Book Malarial Antigen Detection Test For Home Collection In Delhi

When looking for a malaria antigen test near me, it is essential to know the time for delivery of the results. Booking a test that will offer a home collection is easy since most laboratories offer home collection services along with deals and free first collection offers. Before booking, confirm with a doctor as to which medications should be discontinued as if fasting would be required. With malaria, the timely delivery of reports is essential for the benefit of the patient. The malaria antigen test cost should not be varied depending on the quick delivery of test results.

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