Mercury - Serum Test In Mumbai

Mercury - Serum Test In Mumbai

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Mercury test falls under the category of heavy metal testing. Usually, lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury are heavy metals that can get into our bodies in different ways. We may inhale the mercury-laden vapour, consume it unwittingly or even our skin could absorb mercury.

Mercury has no usage in our metabolic or immune process. In fact, mercury poisoning is a part of heavy metal poisoning which could be fatal. From causing slight irritation to cerebral and psychological issues, mercury poisoning could cause many health problems.

  • We are exposed to mercury and compounds made of mercury (particularly methylmercury) which increase the chances of mercury poisoning.
  • Wastes from industry and factories often contain traces of mercury and if not treated properly, it could mix with the environment and cause health issues.

Mercury poisoning has the most tragic history in the history of mankind. The infamous Minamata disease was caused by methylmercury that triggered neurological diseases in both humans and animals. As a matter of fact, cats were tremendously harmed by the disease. It had a prolonged effect on the people which is sadly passed on to younger generations in the form of genetic mutation.

Metropolitan cities and towns near factories are always at high risk of mercury poisoning and people in Mumbai are vulnerable to various heavy metal poisoning. But, we have good news for you. Before you panic about the darker side of mercury poisoning, let take the onus. With the most contemporary medical equipment, has a laboratory set-up to facilitate you with the best services for the Mercury test in Mumbai.

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About Mercury - Serum Tests

Why Is Mercury - Serum Test Done?

Mercury is a heavy metal that is not metabolized within human systems, therefore, it has multiple adverse effects on our health including damage to internal organs. There are a few common symptoms of mercury poisoning. However, mercury poisoning is distinctively classified into two separate categories. The symptoms vary too from one to the other category. The categories of mercury poisoning are-

  1. Acute mercury poisoning
  2. Chronic mercury poisoning

Symptoms of acute mercury poisoning are-

  • Ceaseless cough
  • Breathing trouble
  • Burning sensation in lungs and mouth
  • Reduced urinary output
  • Nausea and diarrhoea

Symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning are-

  • Vision issues including tunnel vision and blurry vision
  • Problems with smelling, tasting and hearing
  • Neurological issues leading to nervous breakdown
  • Shaking of arm and limbs beyond control
  • Difficulty in movement

If you observe any of these symptoms, go to your doctor without the slightest delay. Take the matter seriously and undergo the mercury test.

What Does Mercury - Serum Test Measure?
  • The Mercury test most definitely measures the traces of mercury in our bloodstream to diagnose mercury poisoning.
  • Certain neurological and nervous issues are also diagnosed with mercury tests.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Mercury - Serum Test

Mercury blood tests are regular blood tests that determine the presence of mercury in our body. The test is unquestionably risk-free and has no adverse effect.

Mercury blood test has become more expedient than ever with If you are looking to put an end to all your scrapes in regards to mercury poisoning, get the Mercury blood test done from’s most contemporary clinical laboratory. Stop searching for “Mercury blood test near me” and join millions in the grand journey of Mercury blood test in Mumbai has been revolutionized with astonishing clinical facilities.


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Is mercury poisoning life-threatening?

Mercury poisoning is among the most dangerous heavy metal poisoning which could be fatal if not treated early. The metal affects nerves, causes neurological disorders and disturbs one psychological well-being. This could lead to grave health issues.

How should I prepare for a mercury test?

The mercury blood test is a normal blood test which requires no specific preparation. You can take the test any time of the day.

Is there a cure for mercury poisoning?

If detected early, mercury poisoning can be treated with success, however, if aggravated prior to the diagnosis, mercury poisoning could leave long-lasting health issues.

 Interpreting Mercury - Serum Test Results

Interpreting Mercury - Serum Test Results

Mercury level in our body should ideally be zero. The normal value of mercury in the bloodstream should be as little as 5 micrograms per litre. Anything beyond that is an indicator of health issues pertaining to mercury poisoning.

Test Result Interpretation
Less than 5 micrograms/ litre There is no threat found related to mercury poisoning.
Greater than 5 micrograms/ litre Higher than the normal value and could lead to mercury poisoning if things are not kept in check.

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Steps To Book A Mercury - Serum Test For Home Collection In Delhi

We have witnessed some of the goriest events of mercury poisoning in the past. Mercury pollution not only affects human beings but has long-lasting impacts on nature. It attacks aquatic animals such as shellfish, and jellyfish. Overall, it has a tremendously adverse effect on the environment which could last more than decades.

Our life has never been busier than now. With the threat of a pandemic lurking over us, we are constantly juggling our personal and professional lives to make ends meet. This is a difficult task, and many have very little personal time. And how aggravating would it be if someone snatches those few wonderful hours from you and forces you to line for a mercury test? But don’t worry, is here to help. You can now schedule a Mercury test home collection, in which a seasoned expert will come to your home and take a bold sample. In addition, we will prepare and deliver the test report to you. You don’t even have to leave your house to take the test!

There is nothing to worry about the mercury test price since this is quite affordable. Based on your location, the mercury blood test cost might vary a little. However, the normal Mercury test in Delhi is more reasonable than ever with

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