Progesterone (P4), Serum Test In Mumbai

Progesterone (P4), Serum Test In Mumbai

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A Progesterone (P4), Serum Test In Mumbai is a blood test that is used to determine the levels of progesterone in the patient’s blood. These levels fluctuate constantly through the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. Progesterone is a very important hormone that aids in the normal functioning of the menstrual cycle and prepares the body for pregnancy. It is also useful in diagnosing the possibility of any fertility issues. While both men and women produce progesterone, this test is mainly ordered for females. In males, the presence is negligible and the test is only ordered if there is suspicion of any dysfunction.

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About Progesterone (P4), Serum Test

Why is Progesterone (P4), Serum Test done

Primarily, a Progesterone (P4), Serum Test is done to determine the levels of progesterone in the patient. These levels vary through the menstrual cycle and are used to determine whether the patient is experiencing normal reproductive health. Usually, this test is to check for fertility. When a patient has trouble conceiving, the test is ordered to find the cause of it. Low levels of progesterone indicate infertility. It is also checked to find the cause of irregular periods or if the patient suffers a miscarriage.

What does Progesterone (P4), Serum Test measure

Progesterone (P4), Serum Test In Mumbai measures the levels of progesterone in the patient. It is mainly ordered for female patients. Under normal circumstances, progesterone levels through a menstrual cycle and pregnancy are as follows:

Pre-ovulation: less than 0.89 ng/ml
During Ovulation: less than or equal to 12 ng/ml
Post Ovulation: 1.8-24 ng/ml
The first trimester of pregnancy: 11-44ng/ml
The second trimester of pregnancy: 25-83ng/ml
The third trimester of pregnancy: 58- 214 ng/ml

Risk/side effects of Progesterone (P4), Serum Test

As with any blood test, minimal risks are possible with a Progesterone (P4), Serum. The patient may feel pain and bleeding at the site of the puncture. They may in some cases develop a small wound where the needle pierces the skin. Fainting and dizziness are also possible in some cases, especially if the patient is weak.


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Are any special preparations or precautions needed for this test?

Mostly no, a blood test would not require any special preparation. However, your doctor may ask you to stop taking any birth control or hormone control drugs or blood thinners prior to the test.


Can this test be safely done at home?

Yes, this test can be done safely at home as it does not require any major equipment.

Would the results of a home collection be accurate?

Yes, the results will be accurate. However, they can vary from one lab to another and must be interpreted carefully.

Should I consult a doctor after getting the results?

Yes, the results of this test must be interpreted by a doctor and any action must be taken after that only.

Interpreting Progesterone (P4), Serum Test results

Interpreting Progesterone (P4), Serum Test results

Progesterone levels in a woman vary throughout the month. They are affected by the menstrual cycle and different levels indicate different things. Progesterone levels are especially high during pregnancy, so it is better to get your doctor to interpret the results.

  • In general, high levels of progesterone are not a cause of concern. They do not have any harmful effects on us. However, low levels of progesterone can cause infertility, miscarriage, loss of periods, and other similar issues.
  • In certain cases, abnormally high results can also be a sign of certain types of cancers and need to be checked.

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Steps to book a Progesterone (P4), Serum Test for home collection in Delhi

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