Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test In Noida

Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test In Noida

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Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum test is a typical antibody detection test. Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1, commonly known as the B2 GP1 antibody, is detected mainly in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome. The anti-phospholipid is a rare type of antibody that gets created against normal body parts.

  • The phospholipid is a usual part of our blood vessels.
  • Anti-phospholipids are thus antibodies created against phospholipids that are not harmful.
  • People with abnormal blood clotting tendency are prone to grow anti-phospholipids more.

This autoimmune antibody called beta 2 glycoproteins is found on the lipid-protein layer of the cell membranes and platelets.
Early diagnosis of beta 2 glycoproteins (B2 GP) antibodies is important to start the treatment. has a group of committed phlebotomists who offer you the best services for Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum test in Noida.

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About Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test

Why Is Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test Done?

Beta 2 glycoprotein is an autoimmune antibody that wrongly attacks the phospholipid layer on the outermost surface of the cell membranes. The key function of glycoprotein is to keep the cell membrane surface smooth and healthy, which is disturbed by the beta 2 glycoprotein autoimmune antibody. This test is thus performed to:

  • Detect the root causes of miscarriages (since women who suffer from multiple miscarriages are susceptible to beta 2 glycoprotein antibody).
  • Identify the key reasons behind blood clot formations, such as thrombotic episodes and venous thromboembolism.
  • Evaluate the current status of the Antiphospholipid Syndrome, commonly referred to as APS.
What Does Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test Measure?
  • Beta Glycoprotein tests measure the presence of the beta 2 glycoprotein antibodies in the bloodstream.
  • This blood test is executed for this particular type of antibody.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test

The Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum test is a totally risk-free test.

  • This is a normal blood test.
  • You need to provide a small amount of blood sample as suggested.

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How should I prepare my child for the test?

Beta 2 glycoprotein blood test is a simple blood test. It does not even require fasting. Usually, 5 ml of blood sample is required to perform the diagnosis.

What are the most common follow-up tests alongside Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibody IGM tests?

There are a few follow-up tests or supplementary tests that are required to be undertaken alongside beta 2 glycoprotein antibody tests. These tests are-

  • Antiphospholipid antibody test
  • Lupus anticoagulant and antibody test


What are the common symptoms of Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 antibody disorder?

The symptoms of the B2 GP1 antibody disorder are:

  • Breathing shortness
  • Headaches
  • Swelling and pain that extends to extreme pain
Interpreting Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test Results

Interpreting Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test Results

The interpretation of the beta 2 glycoprotein test uses the following table of reference values.

Reference Value Interpretation
<15.0 U/mL Negative
15.0-39.9 U/mL Mildly Positive
40.0-79.9 U/mL Positive
> or =80.0 U/mL Strongly Positive


Similar to the other antibody tests, the result comes with two possible outcomes. Please refer to the following table for further elucidation.

Test Result Interpretation
Positive The beta 2 glycoprotein antibody is present in the blood sample
Negative The beta 2 glycoprotein antibody is not present in the blood sample

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Steps To Book A Beta Glycoprotein 1 IGM Serum Test For Home Collection In Noida

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