Ceruloplasmin Test In Noida

Ceruloplasmin Test In Noida

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Along with essential nutritional elements, our body requires a healthy supply of minerals on a daily basis. Iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium and copper are some of the most commonly found minerals in the human body. Copper is associated with various functions including-

  • Strengthening bones
  • Creating melanin (a substance found on the skin and is responsible for skin as well as hair colouration)
  • Generating energy

Ceruloplasmin is a protein, that originated in the liver, and contributes to storing and carrying copper. Therefore, the level of ceruloplasmin is critical to maintaining copper-level in the bloodstream. Excessive and inadequate copper leads to various health conditions which may get aggravated if left untreated for long.

The ceruloplasmin test is a definitive test to measure the level of ceruloplasmin as well as copper in our blood. Flebo.in is proud to bring you the best technologies and the most efficient lab analysts to revolutionize the ceruloplasmin test in Noida. You can count on Flebo.in for the best medical assistance in the town.

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About Ceruloplasmin Tests

Why Is Ceruloplasmin Test Done?

Ceruloplasmin is directly connected to the level of copper in our body. The level of copper goes high or dips down below normal in case of ceruloplasmin disorder. The disorder may lead to one of the most dreaded diseases, Wilson disease. It is a typical excessive copper sedimentation syndrome which is suspected to be genetic. The common symptoms of Wilson disease (and of copper imbalance in a human body) are:

  • Nausea
  • Weakening of bone and osteoporosis
  • Abdominal pain
  • Anaemia
  • Pale skin (jaundice skin)

Unfortunately, the copper imbalance can affect babies as well. Mainly due to malnutrition and malabsorption of nutrients and minerals, children may suffer from ceruloplasmin disorders. The common symptoms of copper imbalance in an infant include:

  • Lack of growth
  • Underdeveloped muscles
  • Brittle hair
  • Painful swallowing of food and beverage
  • Seizures

If you observe any of these symptoms affecting you or your child, please get in touch with a health expert as soon as possible. Get the ceruloplasmin test done to ensure the level of copper is stable.

What Does Ceruloplasmin Test Measure?
  • The ceruloplasmin test measures the level of ceruloplasmin protein secreted by the liver.
  • Due to its direct association with copper storage and maintenance, a ceruloplasmin test can also confirm the level of copper in our blood.
  • Since ceruloplasmin originated in the liver, on rare occasions, doctors recommend a ceruloplasmin test to check the functionality of the liver.
Risk/ Side Effects Of Ceruloplasmin Test

Ceruloplasmin test is a completely risk-free, normal and non-fasting blood test. You can take this test any time of the day if not recommended otherwise by your healthcare provider.

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What are the other medical tests that I should consider along with the ceruloplasmin test?

There are some medical tests that you may consider if you are going for a ceruloplasmin test. Some of these tests are:

  • Copper test
  • Liver function test
  • Blood urine test
What are the risks of a ceruloplasmin test?

The ceruloplasmin test is completely risk-free. The test is a simple non-fasting regular blood test which you can avail yourself of at any time of the day.

Who should take the ceruloplasmin test?

Persons who observe the symptoms of ceruloplasmin disorder (discussed above) recurring should go for the ceruloplasmin test. Also, people with a family history of Wilson disease should consider this test as a part of annual health check-ups to keep screening for the disease.

Interpreting Ceruloplasmin Test Results

Interpreting Ceruloplasmin Test Results

The normal range of ceruloplasmin protein in adults is somewhere between 14 and 40 mg/dL. The test result may vary but not by a great deal. Refer to the following table for a clearer picture of the test result.

Ceruloplasmin Level Interpretation Consequences
Less than 14 to 40 mg/dL Body is unable to eliminate (or even use) copper due to a lack of ceruloplasmin protein.
  • Wilson disease
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Malabsorption
  • Malnutrition
Greater than 14 to 40 mg/dL Ceruloplasmin protein level is higher than normal implies less copper storage.
  • Infection
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Leukaemia
  • Cardiac diseases

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Steps To Book A Ceruloplasmin Test For Home Collection In Noida

Ceruloplasmin is one of the essential proteins secreted by the liver. Shellfish, liver, liver oil, chocolate nuts and mushrooms are common sources of ceruloplasmin. Malnutrition or malabsorption or absence of these food items from the diet may lead to ceruloplasmin imbalance. Ceruloplasmin is directly connected to copper storage and thus the normal level of copper in our blood also gets affected if the ceruloplasmin level goes too high or dips way below the normal level.

We all are leading busy and hectic life. We are always stuck in our professional world which has already been taking its toll on our personal lives. You would certainly not wish to add one more component to the long queue of items on the to-do list. Contacting a healthcare clinic and then appearing for the blood test could consume time and energy which you can spend enjoying some more minutes with your family. That’s where Flebo.in comes into the scenario. You can now book an appointment with a specialist phlebotomist via Flebo.in.

You don’t need to worry about the Ceruloplasmin test price since this is very much affordable. Based on your location, the Ceruloplasmin test cost might vary a little. However, the average Ceruloplasmin test in Noida is more economical with Flebo.in.

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