About  (PP) ­ Insulin PostPrandial Test in Noida

About (PP) ­ Insulin PostPrandial Test in Noida

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Insulin is a hormone created in the pancreas by beta cells present in the organ. The Insulin PP Test in Noida is known by many names, including two-hour PostPrandial and two-hour PPG sugar tests. As the names suggest, this test is done two hours after breakfast or lunch, i.e., two hours after a sufficient food intake. This test is done to check for type 2 diabetes, which can occur if there is insufficient insulin production, leading to increased blood sugar levels.

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About (PP) ­ Insulin Postprandial Test

Why is the (PP) ­ Insulin Postprandial Test done?

The doctor orders this test if the patient displays symptoms of diabetes, including blurred vision, frequent urination, increased thirst, rapid or unexplained weight loss, or weight gain. By conducting the (PP) – Insulin Postprandial Test, doctors are looking to find whether the patient has diabetes or not. If low insulin levels and increased sugar levels go unchecked for some time, they can lead to several serious issues in other organs, including kidneys, polycystic syndrome, heart, eyes, or even nerve damage.

What does (PP) - Insulin Postprandial Test measure?

The (PP) – Insulin Postprandial Test measures the amount of insulin in the blood two hours after having a full meal. This, in turn, is useful in finding out the level of sugar in the blood. As your body digests food, the level of sugar in the blood increases. The pancreas then releases insulin to regulate the sugar level in the blood by directing the increased sugar to muscles and cells. However, when insulin production is low, it is unable to do so, and thus, a rise in the sugar level in the blood is seen.

Risk/side effects of (PP) - Insulin Postprandial Test

The (PP) – Insulin Postprandial Test is done through a simple blood draw and, as such, does not carry any serious risks. Patients may feel pain from where the blood is drawn; additionally, they may feel dizzy or see some bruising at the site of the blood draw.


Why should you choose Flebo.in's home collection services?

Flebo.in provides professional home collection services for the Insulin PP Test in Noida. It is backed by a team of trained professionals who will reach you at the allotted time to conduct the test hassle-free. They will come with all the required equipment, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Flebo.in also offers the best prices for Insulin PP Test in Noida, so patients do not need to worry about costs. Moreover, the test results conducted by Flebo.in are timely and accurate.

If you are suffering from any of the abovementioned symptoms, consult your doctor immediately and book your test with Flebo.in to get accurate results.



How do I prepare for this test?

In general, this test is done after 2 hours of a meal, so you need to ensure you do not eat anything for two hours. The doctor may also give additional guidelines that must be confirmed prior to the test.

When should I consult a doctor for this test?

Anyone facing symptoms like sweating, blurred vision, fatigue, fainting, palpitations, rapid or unexplained weight gain, or weight loss needs to consult the doctor.

How is a sample for this test taken?

The blood sample for a (PP) – Insulin PostPrandial Test is taken from the arm. The doctor/technician would draw blood from the inside of your arm near the elbow.

Can I get this test done for a regular checkup?

This test is usually only done if and when a doctor orders it. It also requires to be done two hours after a meal, so it usually cannot be clubbed with other blood tests.

 Interpreting (PP) - Insulin Postprandial Test results

Interpreting (PP) - Insulin Postprandial Test results

Under normal health conditions, the insulin level two hours after a meal ranges between 5.00 uU/mL to 55.00 uU/mL. However, there are some variations of the normal range depending upon the patient’s gender and age. If the insulin levels are below the normal range, it means that there is a deficiency of insulin in the body, which would indicate high blood sugar levels.

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Steps to book a (PP) - Insulin Postprandial Test home collection in Noida

In order to book a Insulin PP Test in Noida for home collection, you can just search for (PP) – Insulin Postprandial Test at home or Insulin PP test near me and find all the facilities which provide a home sample collection service. You can even put location filters to find more relevant results. You may need to fill in a small form where you need to fill in details like name, number address, which test you want, and some more. After this, you can select a time and date and confirm your booking.

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