Urobilinogen Urine Test In Noida

Urobilinogen Urine Test In Noida

Looking to book an Urobilinogen Urine Test in Noida? Read below to know about the test.

Urobilinogen is produced when Bilirubin, a yellow-coloured substance found in the liver, is reduced. Bilirubin helps break down red blood cells. In a normally functioning body, the quantity of Urobilinogen in the urine is very little. A Urobilinogen Urine Test is a test to find the amount of Urobilinogen in the urine. If the Urobilinogen content in the urine is lower than normal, it can indicate improper functioning of the liver, and if it is high, it can mean other diseases.

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About Urobilinogen Test

Why is the Urobilinogen Urine Test done?

A Urobilinogen Urine Test s often prescribed to check liver function. It can be part of your regular or routine checkup or ordered to check for a particular disease. It is also done often for patients who have an existing liver condition and need to monitor liver function. Common symptoms of liver disease which can trigger a requirement for this test include:

  • Dark-coloured urine
  • Jaundice
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Itchy skin
  • Nausea
What does the Urobilinogen Urine Test measure?

A Urobilinogen Urine Test is often a part of Urinalysis and measures the amount of Urobilinogen in the urine. A lower-than-normal Urobilinogen in the urine sample can indicate an improperly functioning liver. In contrast, a higher-than-normal amount of Urobilinogen indicates the existence of liver diseases like cirrhosis or hepatitis.

A Urobilinogen Urine Test is used to measure the different chemicals, cells, and substances in the urine to ensure no excess excretion of any substance.

Risk/side effects of Urobilinogen Urine Test

This is a simple urine test. As such, there are no risks or side effects to it. A Urobilinogen Urine Test In Noida is often a part of regular checkups and forms no grounds for concern in simply conducting the test. Patients can carry on with their daily life after submitting their samples.


Why should you choose Flebo.in's home collection services?

By choosing Flebo.in’s home collection services, you are sure to get the best Urobilinogen Urine Test prices in Noida. The majority of the home collection services cost too high and are not always accurate.

Flebo.in is not only pocket-friendly, but the results are accurate and reliable as well, thanks to the trained technicians who are associated with it.
In addition to this, Flebo.in also offers a wide range of tests and packages which are customisable as per the needs of the patients. This not only ensures that you take relevant tests but also makes it more economical

If you have been going for regular checkups and not getting a Urobilinogen Urine Test in Noida done, then you may be missing out on some important information about your health. This can even have lasting impacts if left unnoticed. Book a Urobilinogen Urine Test In Noida to avoid any neglected issues.



Do I need to prepare for this test?

The patient does not need any prior preparation for this test. At the time of the test, you need to submit your sample as instructed by the doctor.

How is the sample taken?

The sample collector will give you a cup. You need to urinate in that cup and hand it over as instructed. It will then be taken to be tested.

Is taking this test at home safe?

Yes, it is safe to take this test at home. To avoid long lines and contact with strangers, a home collection option is the better choice.

Do I need to fast for this test?

Mostly no, but if the doctor asks you to do so, you need to fast for a few hours before the test.

 Interpreting the Urobilinogen Test results

Interpreting the Urobilinogen Test results

Interpreting Urobilinogen Urine Test results

Range of Urobilinogen Result Health Risk
0.2-1.0 mg/dL.  NORMAL
Below 0.2-1.0 mg/dL Low Liver impairment
Above 1.0 mg/dL  High Damaged Liver
  • This test is the general indicator for determining Urobilinogen levels in the urine and interpreting the results accordingly.
  • Higher levels can indicate Haemolytic anaemia, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, or damaged liver function due to drugs.
  • Lower levels can indicate a blockage in the bile-carrying vessels, impaired liver functions, or blockage in blood flow of the liver.

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Steps To Book Urobilinogen Urine Test Home Collection In Noida

Booking a Urobilinogen Urine Test in Noida is quick and easy. Go to the internet and search ‘Urobilinogen Urine Test near me’. Select a facility that provides home sample collection from the options that show up, like Flebo.in. Make your booking and confirm a suitable time with the assigned technician. The technician will arrive at the allotted time with a sample cup to submit your specimen, which will be taken to the lab for testing.


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