Viral Marker Profile Test in Noida

Viral Marker Profile Test in Noida

Viral markers profile test is a combination of three tests that detects the level of HIV, Hepatitis B as well as Hepatitis C. As these are serious health issues, one is required to meet a doctor for any kind of further treatment. A person can suffer from these diseases owing to a variety of reasons, such as having a regular fever, a stomach infection, or jaundice. You can book a viral marker test in Noida to know if you have the possibility of any such condition.

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About Viral Marker Profile Test Done

Why Is A Viral Marker Profile Test Done?

A viral marker test is done to analyze if the patient is suffering from any three of the above-mentioned diseases so that a treatment plan and further medication can be given accordingly.

  • If the patient exhibits signs of illness, such as jaundice, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, temperature, or black urination, it is possible that you have Hepatitis B.
  • If you have had intimate ties with somebody who has HIV or Hepatitis.
  • If your doctor suspects you are infected with HIV.
  • When you’re on dialysis for an extended period of time.
  • If you’ve ever injected illegal substances.
  • If you develop physical stages of chronic hepatitis.
  • Pregnant women are also made to undergo this test.
What Does The Viral Marker Profile Test Measure?

You can book a viral marker test in Noida. The Viral Marker Profile Test is done to check-

  • The signs and symptoms of acute hepatitis such as jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, or fever, which might occur as a result of Hepatitis B.
  • In the case you have symptoms of chronic hepatitis, it might indicate hepatitis C infection.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you are on long-time dialysis.
  • If your health care practitioner is suspecting HIV infection.
  • If you are or have been in close contact with anyone who is infected with Hepatitis B.
  • In case, if you have ever injected any illegal drug.
Risks/side effects Of The Viral Marker Profile Test

There is no serious risk factor attached to undergoing a viral marker profile test. Though, one might have a bit of a non-relaxing feeling as well as a slight pain in the injected area for the blood test. Also, bruises can be seen on the infected area too.

There is no serious harm related to the test. One needs to follow the advice of the doctor to conduct the test. Also, with, you can expect the best service with no hassle at the time of booking, during the test or for the delivery of the report. You can avail the best service by an expert via


Parameters/tests Included In Viral Marker Profile Test

Generally, there are 3 tests included to properly recognize viral hepatitis. The combination of these three tests is-

  • Hepatitis C Virus Total Antibody
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
  • HIV Combo (Antigen and Antibody) Test.

The viral marker profile test cost in Noida may vary, depending on the platform you are choosing. However, is a suitable platform because of its convenient and customized service and affordability. It offers you an affordable viral marker profile test price.



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Why do certain doctors demand to undergo viral marker profile tests before surgery?

As this test determines if the patient is suffering from HIV or Hepatitis B and C, doctors, as a precautionary measure, get this test done beforehand so as to make sure that the patient is free from the above mentioned infectious diseases.

Is there any special preparation to be done before taking this test?

No, the viral maker profile test does not require precautions or preparation to be done before taking the test. Though, it is advised to be in a calm situation.

Can viral marker test home collection facility be appropriate to take?

Yes, the home collection facility works well in the viral marker test as it does not require the utilization of any special instruments which cannot be allocated from one place to the other.

Interpretation Of The Viral Marker Profile Test Results

Interpretation Of The Viral Marker Profile Test Results

Once you are done with the viral marker test in Noida, the report tells the exact picture or the outcomes. If the test result shows positive results it means that the patient is suffering from an infectious disease and hence, should undergo proper treatment and maintain distance so as to avoid the spread of the viral infection from one individual to the other.

Whereas a negative test report shows that the person is free and no such disease can be detected in the patient’s bloodstream. In both the above-mentioned cases, as a second check of surety, it is advised to get the reports analyzed by a doctor and follow the advice and guidelines given.

Positive test results Presence of the infections in the patient’s body
Negative test results Absence of the infections in the patient’s body


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Steps to book the Viral Marker Profile Test for Home Collection in Noida

Booking a viral marker test in Noida is very easy now by just visiting and scheduling your test just by following a pair of instructions. This ease of use has made a comfortable testing site for patients, and for increased comfort just type viral marker test near me in the search panel.

So, step one requires you to visit by entering the same in the search engine. After the website opens, the second step remains to enter the pin code of your region and book the test as per your time convenience. The time frame for selection remains from 6 am to 9 pm. Then, you need to select the clinical lab from which you want to avail the services.

After you are done with the same, confirmation for your test booking will be done and the lab expert will reach you at the selected time slot and get your test samples collected for further process to be completed.

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