Best Cooling Foods To Reduce The Body Heat Naturally

Best Cooling Foods To Reduce The Body Heat Naturally

Best Foods To Cool Body & Reduce Body Heat

With rising temperatures, each year around the world, finding ways to keep our bodies cool has become a cooling necessity. Read on to find out some of the best cooling foods for body.


The climate of our planet has been changing for a long time now. Although, for the most part of it, people have been ignorant about the rising heat, it wasn’t until 2022 that this change has actually started affecting our lifestyle. So, the question is – “Is our body capable of regulating the heat in our body?” Let’s find out!

Our body temperature determines how well it can regulate heat. We all know the golden rule to maintaining our body temperature is staying hydrated during summers.

Generally, it is our autonomic nervous system, and the hypothalamus is responsible for maintaining the normal temperature in our body, but when our body heat rises, it is referred to as heat stress, which is often caused due to factors including the foods that we consume and rise in external temperature. So, how can we take care of heat stress? Understanding and making changes in our lifestyle by adding some cooling foods for body. Read on to find out!

Reasons for Rise in Body Temperature

Few of the most common factors that can cause body temperature to rise include:

    • Inflammatory illness: Infections can cause fever during the process of our body fighting the virus or bacteria.
    • Hyperthyroidism: A certain type of thyroid disorder that causes our body to secrete thyroid hormone in larger amounts.
    • External temperature: External temperature can also impact the way we feel inside.
    • Unbreathable clothing: Certain kinds of clothing that tend to trap moisture can also cause high body temperature.
    • Food: Consuming foods that are fried, oily, or spicy can also be a reason for heat stress. High protein foods such as meats and eggs can also be a cause of increased body temperature.
    • Caffeine and alcohol: Consumption of caffeine and alcohol has also been reported to be factors contributing to heat stress.
    • Physical activities: Body movements that involve high-intensity physical activities such as exercise can also be a common reason behind heat stress.
    • Medical condition: Certain health conditions such as leukaemia, arthritis, and neurological disorders have also been reported to affect the temperature of our body.
    • Dehydration: Our body sweats to help maintain a normal body temperature. When we get dehydrated, our body loses its ability to sweat and thus loses its ability to maintain a normal body temperature.
    • Medications: Taking certain medications such as opioids, antibiotics, and antihistamines, can also cause an increase in our body temperature.

Best Cooling Foods for Body

So, how can we support our body to maintain a normal body temperature? In a single word, the answer would be hydration. However, it is not necessary that you only hydrate yourself with water but can also make small changes in your diet by adding a few cooling foods for body to make a difference. Come find some of the best food to reduce body heat that we can introduce into your diet this summer!

Coconut Water

If you would like us to name one thing that is as satisfying and thirst-quenching as water, we would definitely name tender coconut water. Low in calories and sugar content and loaded with electrolytes, tender coconut water is a highly nutritious and refreshing liquid to go for to help your body keep up with the scorching summer heat.


Next in line is for one of the best cooling foods has to be watermelon. You know what we are talking about if you have tried having watermelon or a fresh watermelon juice (with no additives) after a long summer day. Watermelons are loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, and total water content of 92%, making them a great add-on to your summer diet.


Along with aiding digestion, mint leaves are also one of the best cooling foods for body that has cooling properties and help regulate body temperature better whilst making you feel refreshed.


Almost like watermelons, bananas too have cooling properties that can help add moisture, clear toxins in your body, and also cool intestinal ‘heat’, making it one of the best cooling foods for body.


Loaded with probiotics and micronutrients, buttermilk has traditionally remained one of the trusted cooling drinks that can not just cool your body down but also improve your metabolism whilst helping you maintain a healthy gut.


One of the best foods to keep the body cool, cucumber is loaded with water content and has been a constant Ayurveda recommendation as a heat-reducing food. With 95% water (more than watermelon), cucumber can help maintain a normal temperature and also completely detoxify your body, which makes its mention an obvious one into this list for ‘best cooling foods for body’.

Lemon Water

Rich in Vitamin C, lemon water moisturises and oxygenates your body. The Vitamin C in lemon helps you cope with heat exhaustion & prickly rashes by delaying sweat gland fatigue and enhancing heat tolerance.


Loaded with benefits, celeries come next on the list of best cooling foods for body during summers. Celery contains about 95% of water and is packed with vital minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. This wonderful vegetable can keep your hydration, along with a healthy detoxed body.

Indian Bael Juice

Loaded with nutrition and anti-fungal properties, the juice from bael fruit is also one of the best coolant drinks for summers.

Sugarcane Juice

A natural energy drink, sugarcane juice, can instantly make you feel refreshed and restore your energy levels. Sugarcane juice can also be enjoyed with mint, ginger, and lime, making it the other best drink to cool and hydrate our bodies during summers.


Regardless of how hot it gets, stepping outside during the daytime is inevitable. However, we can surely help our bodies cope with the heat better with tiny adjustments in our lifestyle.

The foods listed above are examples of some of the best cooling foods for body that will support your body with moisturisation from the inside and help your body in maintaining a normal temperature. Above all, remember to drink water, stay hydrated, and eat healthily.


Q. What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion?

A. Most common heat exhaustion symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, irritability, weakness, dehydration, and elevated body temperature.

Q. How can I instantly cool down my body?

A. The quickest route to cooling your body down would be water, and you can also consume some of the above-mentioned body cooling foods to help rehydrate your body.

Q. What foods should I avoid during summers?

A. Onions, black pepper, ginger, and chillis are some of the examples of foods that can heat up your body. Try and keep these foods for the winters as much as possible. However, make sure to eat home-cooked meals to keep your body away from indigestion during summers.

Q. What are some of the best cooling foods for body?

A. Some of the best cooling foods for body include foods like cucumber, watermelon, coconut water, mint, buttermilk, etc. These foods have cooling properties that help our body regulate body temperature better during summers.