Best Time to Eat Fruits to Get Maximum Benefits: Facts & Myths

Best Time to Eat Fruits to Get Maximum Benefits: Facts & Myths

Best Time to Eat Fruits

Yummy and beneficial, fruits are a blessing to our world. However, there are a lot of opinions regarding the best time to eat fruits. Read on to find out the truth about the best time to eat fruits!


Packed with a plethora of health benefits, fruits are one of the best things to eat that comes with no post-meal guilt policy. These gorgeous and equally delicious foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals which we might not find in vegetables. Fruits are also rich in fibre, making them gut-friendly.

However, there have always been a lot of opinions, myths, and confusion about the best time to eat fruits. Before looking into the best possible time to consume fruits, let’s first address these myths regarding the best time to eat fruits.

Myths About the Perfect Time to Eat Fruits

Pre or post-meal lessens the nutritional value

It is believed that fruit only benefits you when eaten on an empty stomach and that eating it before or after meals could decrease its nutritional content. However, these claims are not backed by science, making them false. Our body has a unique way of performing several processes at once that effectively allows the extraction of every single nutrient.

Our small intestine is a vast area built to absorb nutrients, which means that the nutrition will always be absorbed regardless of whether the fruit is consumed on an empty or with a stomach full of meals.

The best time to eat fruits is only in the morning

Again, this claim is not backed by science. Fruits can be healthy for the body regardless of the time they are consumed. However, experts do recommend avoiding fruits before bedtime.

Fruits should not be eaten post evening

Eating fruits in the evening is believed to raise blood sugar, and the body cannot stabilize such a high level before bedtime, resulting in weight gain. However, this, too, is nothing but just a myth. Though our body’s carb tolerance keeps fluctuating throughout the day, these fluctuations do not necessarily affect our metabolic rate.

Even the belief that eating fruits post noon can result in weight gain is invalid. Our body is capable of burning calories even while sleeping, and this is also known as basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Sure, to consume and get the most out of them, one must look out for the quantity and time that they consume them. But could there truly be one best time to eat this highly nutritious food? Let’s find out!

When to Eat Fruits?

Taking into view the scientific studies associated with it, there isn’t really just one best time to eat fruits that we might need to follow strictly. According to Dr Achyuthan Eswar, a lifestyle physician, fruits can be consumed at any given time of the day. However, the real question is when do eat them to gain the most nutrition?


Breakfast happens to be the best time to consume all the nutrients and get ready to go live the day filled with energy.

According to research, the morning is the best time to eat fruits because our body is capable of absorbing the fructose in fruits better on an empty stomach after a good night’s sleep. This also provides an instant boost to wake up and get ready for the day. However, it is also advised to consume fruits right before we need the boost of energy, considering how fast and quickly they get digested and broken down by our body. This would ensure we make the best use of the energy when we need them.

The morning also happens to be the best time to eat fruits because consuming fruits on an empty stomach can also provide us with maximum benefits by helping us gain the best concentration of micronutrients, fibre, and other vital nutrients. Eating fruits first thing in the morning can also help detoxify and aid weight loss.

As a Snack

Fruits can also be a great snack and can keep munching on packaged foods at bay. Because our body is capable of digesting foods the best between meals, snacking on fruits ensures proper nutrition absorption in our body with minimal calories.

According to Dr Achyuthan Eswar, the only two things that we should consider, which are

  • if we are eating at least three fruits daily
  • If we are eating fruits throughout the day.

Dr Eswar mentions that eating less than three fruits daily can increase our risk of chronic ailments.

He also says that eating fruits just in the morning can cause a dip in antioxidants by the evening. He also shares that starting meals with one of two fruits can help us ease into a plant-based diet (if we are new to it).

With that said, is there a time when fruits need to be avoided? Keep reading to find out.

When to Not Eat Fruits?

It is advised to avoid fruits before bedtime because of the blood sugar spike that might interrupt your sleep.

Eating fruits along with your meal is also supposed to be avoided as this might disrupt the process of digestion. Experts say that you should at least wait for about 1-2 hours before consuming fruits to help gain the most nutrition from fruits.


Q. Can I eat fruits on an empty stomach early morning?

A. Yes. Fruits are highly fibrous and can be beneficial in treating constipation. Some of the fruits that work best on an empty stomach include papaya, watermelon, guava, pomegranate, etc.

Q. When is the best time for eating apples?

A. Because apples are leaded with dietary fibre, studies have shown that apples work best when eaten in the morning. Digestive issues due to poor sleep cycle and late eating habits can be resolved with an apple in the morning. After all, ‘one apple a day keeps the doctors away.

Q. Can I eat oranges at bedtime?

A. No. It is strongly advised to not eat citrus fruits like oranges just before bedtime. Citrus fruits tend to make our stomach to produce higher amounts of acid, which might keep you up all night. However, fruits like cherries have proven to be a great fruit to eat at bedtime, and cherries are said to support proper sleep.

Q. What is the best time to eat fruits?

A. The best time to eat fruits happens to be in the morning as a part of your breakfast. However, fruits can also be consumed as a part of our snacks throughout the day.