Health Benefits of Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds): Uses & Side-effects

Health Benefits of Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds): Uses & Side-effects

Health Benefits Of Basil Seeds (Sabja Seeds)

According to research, the health benefits of organic and naturally obtained ingredients in all forms have more benefits to health and well-being with limited risks, if any. From health concerns as basic as a headache or weight management to serious diseases like cancers and heart diseases, Ayurvedic and organic ingredients surpass the highly processed drugs when it comes to effectiveness. Many people believe the only purpose of most plant seeds is to grow new plants for consumption. However, sabja seeds have so much more to offer and have a history of medicinal properties in the olden Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine eras.

Sabja seeds benefits are a testimony of how choosing herbal and natural remedies for treatment is the right way to keep your mind and body healthy. The different sabja seeds used make it very convenient to add them to your diet without compromising your taste and health. Before we look into the multiple sabja seeds’ benefits and uses, let us first understand what sabja seeds are below-

All About Basil Seeds

Sabja seeds, also known as basil or tukmaria seeds have a similar appearance to Chia seeds and are also black. However, the numerous sabja seeds benefits make it the perfect combination of health and taste to be easily incorporated into your daily diet. The nutritional value of sabja seeds is very high as it is a good source of protein, carbs, essential fats, and fiber.

The best part about sabja seeds is that they do not have any calorie count, making them a perfect addition to your diet meals. You can use it as a seasoning for your salads and smoothies or make multiple dips, curries, etc. Let us now dive deeper into the numerous sabja benefits to convince you why this is an interesting addition to your daily diet.

Basil Seeds Benefits

As a power-packed seed, sabja seeds consist of all necessary nutrients and immunity-boosting abilities to help the body feel good from within and outside. It has ample vitamins and minerals like copper, potassium, magnesium, etc., making these seeds nothing less than a dream addition for all health enthusiasts. The top sabja seeds benefits include the following:

Reduces Acidity And Constipation

One of the most important sabja seeds benefits in your diet is its ability to improve your body’s digestion system, reducing constipation and acidity significantly. This is possible because when you consume these seeds in your diet with the optimum quantity of glasses of water, the seeds actively work towards drawing water out of your gut through absorption. This allows the bowel movement to be easier as the feces are softened. In addition, its soluble fiber content also plays a vital role in reducing constipation while clearing out the gut acidity levels.

Aids Weight Loss

Along with being a rich source of protein, one of the sabja seeds benefits is their direct impact on the digestive system as mentioned above. This allows the body to digest food better and support healthy weight loss. Additionally, as sabja seeds have no calories, they do not hinder your weight loss journey. Furthermore, it consists of high soluble dietary fiber, which makes the body feel fuller and more satisfied, avoiding binge eating and cravings effectively.

Fulfills Body’s Nutritional Needs

According to the nutritional requirements, 1 tablespoon or 13 g of basil seeds consist of 15% of the daily intake of calcium requirement and 10% of iron and magnesium respectively. Therefore, it gets difficult to selectively consume foods rich in iron, calcium, or magnesium. Still, with the help of basil seeds, your body gets the necessary nutritional post without consuming too many food categories to meet the need. Especially for people who do not actively consume dairy products or meat, sabja seeds benefits help the best.

Helps Manage Diabetes

One of the key qualities of sabja seeds is the rich high fiber content. If you consume sabja seeds regularly right before each meal, especially if you are a diabetic patient, you will allow your body to balance out the blood glucose levels without causing an unnecessary spike when you consume food. This way, it has been recommended by doctors to all diabetic patients to maintain their sugar levels with diabetes, along with aiding improved digestion.

Cools the Body Naturally

During the summer season, one of the best addition to your cold beverages is sabja seeds. It is known that one of the key sabja seeds benefits is its ability to reduce the heat within the body while also calming the stomach to allow your body to cool down naturally. You can add it to your milkshakes, laminates, coconut water, smoothies, etc. as it blends well with every other ingredient.

Consists of Plant Compounds

The effectiveness of consuming sabja seeds and the multiple sabja seeds uses are not yet widespread among the population. However, the seeds consist of plant compounds like polyphenols and flavonoids that provide the body with the necessary antioxidants to repair the cell damage caused by freely around radicals. Additionally, they possess anti-inflammatory properties that help fight growing cancers by killing cancer cells and other harmful bacteria.

Top Uses of Basil Seeds

Now that you know some of the sabja seeds benefits, let us look into the multiple ways you can use sabja seeds to help you easily add them to your diet. Also, find out some of the other sabja seeds used for more benefits for your hair and skin.

Health Uses

As already mentioned above, sabja seeds are packed with all the necessary nutrients that keep your body healthy from within. In addition to that, they also have helped the body fight concerns like indigestion, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc. This is one of the salient sabja seeds benefits for health.

To use sabja seeds for health, especially to lose weight, the best way to consume them is to soak 1-2 teaspoons in lukewarm water and consume it 15 minutes later. Besides this, you can also soak them overnight in water and then drink them early in the morning for results. Furthermore, you can easily add them to season your salads, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, etc.

Hair Uses

One of the sabja seeds benefits is their rich protein content; it not only helps the body fight diseases but also plays a vital role in preventing hair fall. It also directly impacts the hair volume as it encourages new healthy hair growth.

To use sabja seeds for dandruff, all you need to do is choose an oil of your choice and make powder sabja seeds available, mix them and apply it to your scalp and massage it. Leave it overnight and wash them the next day for strong beautiful hair.

Skin Uses

Just like your body, your skin also requires detoxification from time to time and your internal health directly impacts how your skin appears on the outside. Given the anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties of sabja seeds, one of the sabja seeds uses is to improve skin glow naturally while also treating any signs of psoriasis or eczema. Thus, sabja seeds benefits the skin in multiple ways.

Potential Side Effects

Given the multiple sabja seeds benefits or basil seeds benefits, it is still recommended to stick to the recommended dosage of these naturally grown seeds to a maximum of two teaspoons daily. Other than this, some of the potential sabja seeds side effects include the following:

  • Even though high fiber levels or good for the body to improve digestion, too much consumption of sabja seeds can lead to unexpected symptoms of abdominal cramps, bloating, or diarrhea. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stick to the consumption limit daily.
  • As soon as you add sabja seeds to water, they swell up and increase in mass without any maximum limit. However, the swollen seeds sometimes can cause choking risks for people, especially those with swallowing difficulties or young children.
  • Lastly, given that sabja seeds supply the body with the necessary vitamins, too much consumption can increase the vitamin K content in the body which can cause blood clotting, especially for patients who are consuming blood thinning treatments.

So, to get the most of the sabja seeds benefits, limit its consumption to what is recommended by dieticians.


In conclusion, given the high nutritional value offered by various sabja seeds uses along with the other sabja seeds benefits, it is important to consider adding it to your diet, regardless of age and gender. These benefits go a long way and help your body feel better from within which will directly reflect on your skin. So, invest in your health and well-being by purchasing sabja seeds in your diet today!