Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair Loss & Regrowth: Herbal Remedies

Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair Loss & Regrowth: Herbal Remedies

Ayurvedic Herbs For Hair Growth

Most people are fond of thick, long, shiny and beautiful hair. The moment it starts thinning, people start panicking. Seeing clutches of tangled hair in hair brushes or constant hair fall everywhere can give us sleepless nights. Some experts believe that constant hair fall can be extremely distressing and seriously impact our mental health. The hair care market is filled with shampoos, conditioners, and products that stop hair from falling completely. However, we know it’s not true; the chemicals in the products lead to extra hair fall. People resort to ayurvedic medicine for hair growth and hair fall control.

Ayurveda fights against hair loss and promotes hair growth effectively. Most doctors recommend ayurvedic medicine for hair growth as they are safe and have no harmful side effects. They also promote hair growth quickly, thus combatting thinning of hair effectively.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss and Regrowth

Ayurvedic medicine for hair growth is a safe alternative to the chemically loaded hair care products widely available in the market. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medical system that offers a variety of healing remedies and also prescribes an effective routine to control hair fall.

The ayurvedic medicine for hair growth eliminates the problem of hair thinning and hair loss from the roots. It promotes the regrowth of healthy hair and stops hair loss to a great extent. There is a lot of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth available that one can try. However, it is important to understand the root cause of hair loss and thinning before trying a treatment.

We have listed a few ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth that anybody can use without fearing the side effects:


Amla is a natural immunity booster that also helps to maintain hair health. It is loaded with essential fatty acids, which effectively strengthen hair follicles, thus making your hair strong and shiny. Amla also has high iron content, so it stimulates hair growth and prevents dry, itchy scalp that can lead to hair loss. You can make a paste of amla powder and lemon juice, then apply it to your scalp regularly to see the benefits.


This ayurvedic medicine for hair growth is a solution to every hair problem. Bhringraj is known for promoting hair regrowth and stops hair loss completely. To try this ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth at home, you have to collect some dried bhringraj leaves. Put the leaves in a jar of coconut oil and wait for two days. Once the oil colour changes to light green, use it on your scalp and leave it overnight. Apply the oil frequently to stimulate hair regrowth quickly.


Shikakai is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that promote hair regrowth. Everybody trusts this ayurvedic medicine for hair growth, and people use it to stop hair loss. One can prepare this ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth by following a few simple steps at home. Mix shikakai powder with coconut oil and leave it in a dark place for fifteen days. After that, massage the oil on your scalp at least twice weekly to see hair regrowth.


Coconut has high antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which help to promote hair regrowth. You can apply this ayurvedic medicine for hair growth by grating coconut into pieces and mixing it with methi and black pepper. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair, then leave for thirty minutes. You can use this ayurvedic treatment thrice a week to see the results.

These are some ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth that have been extremely popular for generations. People have been using the treatments and they saw the results for themselves.

Effective Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth

Here is a list of ayurvedic herbs for hair growth that you should try if you suffer from hair thinning, hair loss, bald patches, etc. People have been using these ayurvedic herbs for years now as they have seen effective results with no side effects:


The oil has an alkaloid that activates a protein in the body that helps to naturally toughen and strengthen the hair. This is an effective ayurvedic medicine for hair fall, so people with hair loss problems should try Brahmi oil. Brahmi is considered the best herb for hair regrowth as it effectively activates the protein in the body. One can attain long, beautiful, healthy hair if they regularly use Brahmi oil on their scalp. The herb also treats bald patches efficiently in people.

Methi Seeds

Methi seeds, also known as Fenugreek, are rich in vitamins and folic acid that promote hair growth. It also has nicotinic acid, which controls hair fall problems effectively. Therefore, people consider methi seeds to be useful ayurvedic herbs for hair growth. The seeds accelerate hair growth by nourishing the scalp. One can mix methi seeds with coconut oil and then apply it to their scalp to grow strong hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

The gel helps restore the scalp’s natural pH balance, promoting hair growth. This ayurvedic medicine for hair growth is a great way to keep the hair moisturized and hydrated. Aloe vera gel prevents excessive hair fall by preventing dry and itchy scalp. The gel can be mixed with other ayurvedic herbs and applied as a paste to witness maximum results. Aloe vera is an ayurvedic medicine for hair fall that is widely available so that one can find it easily.

These are the ayurvedic herbs for hair growth that most people trust and use for healthy hair. Doctors also recommend using these herbs for people who suffer from thinning of hair or other scalp issues.

Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth

Now, we will state the best ayurvedic herbs for hair growth that are extremely popular all across the globe. These ingredients are famous for having no side effects and promote hair growth efficiently.

This ayurvedic medicine for hair fall is easily available in India, so people can use them whenever possible. The herbs are as follows:

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Horsetail
  • Ginseng
  • Reetha
  • Jojoba
  • Yoghurt
  • Neem

These are considered the best ayurvedic herbs for hair growth because they keep the scalp nourished and provide it with the right amount of nutrients. The herbs possess the power to reverse hair thinning and prevent hair fall completely. Ayurvedic medicine for hair growth has long-lasting benefits. A person can attain long and beautiful hair if they are used consistently.


Ayurvedic hair growth is the only solution to having long and strong hair. Other medicines and products in the markets can lead to harmful side effects. The hair care products that are available often don’t give beneficial results, so people think that the hair problems such as hair loss, hair thinning, dry hair, etc. cannot be resolved. The only solution to such problems is Ayurveda because they have all the necessary elements to combat hair issues. The ayurvedic hair growth medicine helps cure every issue in no time.

One should remember that one needs to use ayurvedic herbs for hair growth consistently to witness effective results. Ayurvedic hair growth is long-lasting and does not get damaged easily. People who suffer from various hair issues and have tried all the treatments available should go for ayurvedic solutions.